Thursday, July 17, 2014


Vancouver, BC

This is my 'home' and this is where I currently reside. I grew up on the East Coast of Canada - Halifax, Nova Scotia to be specific. I was born and raised there and lived in Halifax until I was 22 years old, which is when I moved to Vancouver. This city has completely stolen my heart and I can't imagine NOT living here. I truly think that I live in one of the most beautiful cities in the entire world, and I'm going to show you why.

We have hundreds - literally hundreds - of beaches, fresh water or salt water - the choice is yours. Want to go swimming in a natural spring? We have those too. We have lots of beaches right on the Pacific Ocean, and lots of beaches in lakes/small ponds. So many places to swim, and so many sandcastles to be built.

You get beautiful views of the mountains, and of the 'downtown' part of the city from some of the beaches in the suburbs. These sandy beaches are miles and miles long, and during hot sunny days they're packed full of people sunbathing, playing volleyball, getting drunk, having BBQ's, and making sandcastles. 

But speaking of the mountains, you can see them from almost ANYWHERE in the city and it's amazing. The sight of them still takes my breath away... Not kidding. People will ask if I get sick of it, or if I get used to seeing the mountains, and my honest answer is no. I see them every morning when I look out our apartment window, and the sight just makes me smile. I gaze at them during my walk to work every morning, and they're just absolutely breathtaking to me.

I can even see the mountains from my office.

Brunch with a view.

Sometimes we have the most BEAUTIFUL sunsets, and it just makes the city even more beautiful.

One thing that I love about Vancouver is that we really believe in Equality and treating everyone with respect, and love. We are big on LGBT Pride celebration, and we have even painted all of the crosswalks of one of our intersections with rainbow colours to celebrate equality.

Here are some other things that really stand out to me about our city:

  • Environmentally friendly. We are truly a GREEN city.
  • We have amazing temperatures for Canada. You can snowboard and surf in the SAME day.
  • We are very culturally diverse and have a lot to offer.
  • We have a three large sports teams - Hockey, Football, and Soccer. There's always a game to watch!
  • We have a science world (centre), amusement park, aquarium, countless wineries, bars, hiking trails, suspension bridges, huge arenas with countless concerts, and so many more things.
I feel like I'm now making an ad for Tourism Vancouver and reasons why you should visit... and this is totally not where I meant to go with this post. My bad. Whatever. Anyway, just come for a visit, it's amazing and I promise you'll never want to leave.

On your way? See you soon!

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Jay T said...

Ummmm I want to go there because the pictures are really really pretty and you're there.

Emily said...

Looks beautiful! I visited very briefly about 10 years ago to leave on a cruise but would love to go back to do more exploring!

kdhopwood said...

I've always wanted to visit Canada, and your gorgeous pictures makes me want to even more!

Brittney, Breaking Free said...

Wow so beautiful!

Kristie's Blue Jeans said...

I need to go there!!! I almost decided to go this coming weekend, but life got in the way. It is stunning there! You are a lucky duck. Maybe we can have a blog date when I make it up that way!

Brandi said...


Janet said...

I really need to get over to the west coast. looks sooooo nice.

Jess @ The Sushi Box said...

This is hilarious! I want to move to Halifax since I was born and raised in Vancouver :P

K @ Keeping Up With K... said...

The furthest I've been into BC is Kelowna. I feel super un-Canadian for never having been to Vancouver. YET.

I have to make it there someday - it looks gorgeous!

Allie said...

Mountains AND beach? I need to go there! Your work view is stunning - that's awesome! You did a good job, Tourism Vancouver ;)

allieology said...

Pretty sure that is the prettiest place ever. And it's even prettier because YOU LIVE THERE, duh.

Allison said...

Umm, wow! Vancouver looks amazing! I love Canada and definitely want to take a trip to Vancouver someday.

Kim Wanders said...

awesome! i went to epcot yesterday and when we went to "canada" we watched the oh! canada movie narrated by martin short and i was like, i gotta get to canada! ive only been to niagara falls and toronto when i was very young and it looks so awesome!

Becca @ Becoming Adorrable said...

I want rainbows on our crosswalks!

shannon said...

i'm literally going to go home and pack my shit so i can come visit.