Sunday, July 27, 2014

Pondering Pete

So since today is all about interviewing somebody, I chose to interview my dad (Peter) because he hasn't made an appearance in a while...

For the record, my dad is currently at my family's 'cottage' (aka in our trailer/RV that has been in the same location all of my life). He sent me this picture before I called him to interview him, just so I could see where he was being 'interviewed' from...

Peter lives a really rough life (as you can see)

What's your hidden talent?
Dad: I don't have any hidden talents... I make sure my talents are visible and I use them...
Faith: is that really what you want to say?
Dad: *laughs* yes, I've learned to expose them, because they're no good to me or anyone else if they're hidden...

What's your favorite TV show? 
Dad: I'm going to have to give you more than one answer... can I do that?
Faith: Maybe
Dad: Okay, well form the 1960's, it's the Dick Van Dyke show, and from the 70's it's MASH
Faith: Great, are we doing this by the decade?
Dad: *laughs* should I stop there?
Faith: Your choice
 Dad: okay well after that, in no particular order... LA Law, West wing, Breaking Bad
Dad: Oh!! Oh oh oh, I can't believe I forgot... at the end of this can you please say 'and of course, the most important is Star Trek: the original series.
Faith: Okay dad... do you know I'm writing every word you're saying?
Dad: Ugh stop that.

Name someone you admire.
Dad: My grade 5 teacher Mr. Leech
*pause while I type this*
Dad: Don't you want to know why?
Faith: Nope

Who is Canada's current Prime Minister?
Dad: Stephen Harper *laughs* why are you asking this question?
Faith: Because none of my American friends know the answer.

Do you prefer cake or pie?
Dad: PIE - no question, hands down - PIE. Do not ask me this question again.
Faith: you're pretty serious about that answer, dad.

If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Dad: TOAST, hands down, no question... come on Faith.. you should know this answer

What's your favourite memory of (or with) me?
Dad: hmmmmmmm.... I have a whole bunch of them. But probably, in the top 2 or 3 would be when we had breakfast with Minnie.
*pause while I type*
Dad: You were like 4 or 5 and it was a once in a lifetime kind of memory... too bad you weren't there to remember it.
Faith: Ha, I was there...
Dad: Yeah but you don't remember. It was so hilarious because neither your mom or I had any idea that you had such a crush on Minnie Mouse and that you wanted to meet her so badly.
*Side note, apparently I lost my mind when Minnie walked through the door and I got my first glimpse at her. I sat there constantly fixing my hair and asking if I looked pretty for Minnie... hahahaha*

Quote a movie, any movie, right now. 
Dad: Uhhhhhhh.... the quote will be... uhhhh... 'I told you I'd promise you fireworks, didn't I?'
Dad: Do you know the movie?
Faith: Nope
Dad: It's the final scene from Independence Day. Why the heck did this just come into my head?
Faith: I don't know... can I ask the next question?
Did the last question give you a little bit of anxiety?
Dad: Uh no, but it was really weird that THAT movie and quote would come to my head right away?
Dad: p.s. I never have anxiety
Faith: well okay then...
Dad: p.s. your mom is answering all of these questions over here
Faith: what is she saying?
Dad: I can't hear her, she's mumbling.

Name something inappropriate you always laugh at.
*mom giggling in the background* *now dad is laughing hysterically*
Faith: what are you people laughing at?
Dad: *laughs a lot* when you see videos of animals getting hurt
Faith: Dad that's so inappropriate
Dad: isn't this the point? *laughs* like the video of a dog falling off of something, or a cat falling? Or a cat being swung around by its tail?
Faith: wow...
Dad *continues laughing*
Faith: You are a sick man
Dad: you asked the question... I'm sorry....
Faith: Stop being Canadian. I love you.

Faith: Guess what?
Dad: What?
Faith: The interview is now over
Dad: Well that was easy... did I win?

Never a dull moment with my family, I tell you...
Happy Sunday everyone. I hope you're enjoying the last day of the weekend. Go ahead and interview someone and link up with us!


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Paul Hagan said...

This exchange is hilarious:

Dad: p.s. your mom is answering all of these questions over here
Faith: what is she saying?
Dad: I can't hear her, she's mumbling.

Perfect old married couple moment.

Lindsay Landgraf said...

Peter's commitment to pie is admirable. Also, can I be best friends with your dad please?

Becca @ Becoming Adorrable said...

Sometimes Tim likes to put Dos (cat) on his back on the bathroom floor and spin him around in circles until he makes terrible noises. Then Dos stands up and wobbles around while he tries to walk because he's so dizzy. I should video this and send it to your dad.

allieology said...

Peter never ceases to make me laugh. Thanks for sending us a picture of where the interview was taking place on your end. It really made us feel like we were there watching.

Melissa Camacho said...

LOL your dad sounds like he and my dad would get along perfectly. This interview cracked me up :) love it! plus, it's funny he said independence day because hubby and I just watched that last night!

Jay T said...


Nikki Mitchell said...

LOVE this! I feel like interviewing my parents for comedic relief just to see what they would say.