Friday, February 20, 2015

He's My Lobster

I always wanted to believe that there was someone out there for me, or that I'd find love/happiness/the crap that you see in movies. I've been photographing couples, weddings, families, etc. in my spare time for the past couple years and I've seen so many wonderful couples stand in front of my camera and I could see the love, I could feel the love - it was beautiful. But over the past 5 years I came to the conclusion that that kind of love wasn't for me.

But all of that changed one year ago - a wonderful man came into my life unexpectedly... and so ended my single life. In the past year I've experienced some amazing moments - I laughed, I cried, I stepped out of my comfort zone, I grew as a person, I opened up my soul to this man, and I fell in love. I found my lobster.

That bow tie was an inside joke between Justin and I before we met up for our first date, and Justin brought it along with him. That picture on the left is a picture that I took of Justin on our first date, and the picture on the right is the selfie that I took for him the next day to show him that I was happily sporting said bow tie.


I'm going to take a minute to get super mushy, now is the time to scroll to a few pictures at the bottom if you don't want to read it:


You came into my life at the most perfect time. I knew I never needed a man, but I also started to believe I never wanted one either - you changed that. From the moment you sent me that first message, it was different. I blew you off (or so you thought) with my first few messages - but once we texted back and forth a dozen times, I knew I wanted to meet you. Our first date was the best first date of my life, and every time I think about it - it puts a smile on my face. 

This past year has flown by so quickly. It's weird - I feel like our first date was just yesterday, yet I feel like we've known each other all of our lives. I'm pretty sure you know me better than anyone else in this world, and I'm grateful that you allow me to be my true and honest self with you. You have seen me at my best, and you have seen me at my worst - and you still haven't gone running for the hills.. so I guess you're a keeper.

You know how to cheer me up after a bad day, you push me to work harder and be a better person, and you respect me and show me love. You're polite and caring, and you listen to my boring stories and lame jokes - even if you don't care about them. You tell me you love me every single day, and you make sure you tell me I'm beautiful at every possible moment - oh, how I'll never get tired of hearing those words come out of your mouth.

I love how you will sing Frank Sinatra to me as you force me to dance with me around our kitchen and living room and twirl me around and around - because you know it instantly puts a smile on my face. I love how you get me a glass of water every single night before bed, without me even having to say a word - because you know I'll get thirsty. I love how you'll write little messages on the mirror when I'm in the shower - because you know when I step out of the shower, it'll make me happy.

I love you more than I could possibly ever put into words - but, of course, you already know that. I look forward to all of the adventures that we're going to take together, and I can't wait to celebrate a lot more anniversaries with you - just like this one. 
Happy anniversary, bebee. 

If you're not a fan of the show Friends (what is wrong with you?) then you may not understand my post title, or the whole point to this post... but essentially, Justin is my lobster. Watch the clip to understand what I'm talking about.

Friday, February 13, 2015

My Worst Valentine's Story...

Valentine's Day is tomorrow, and I've got to say - I couldn't care less. I'm not the kind of girl who gets excited over the fake hallmark holidays. It probably has something to do with the fact that I've been single for every single Valentine's Day that I've been alive, until this year, or it could be that it's just a stupid holiday.. who knows. It's a day that people celebrate love, but who cares when you're single? I just celebrated how awesome I am.

For the last 10 Valentine's Days (maybe more), I've had a hot date with my other single girlfriends. It has always turned into a girls night - cooking dinner at home, going to a movie, going out and getting drunk, etc. It has always been another excuse for a girls night with my close friends, except last year.

Last year was the worst Valentine's Day you could imagine. I mean, don't get me wrong - I didn't CARE, like.. at ALL.. but last Valentine's I cried into a bowl of ice cream and tried to nap all afternoon. Doesn't sound dramatic at all, right?

Lets back-track a little bit here... last Valentine's Day I had my wisdom teeth extracted in an emergency removal surgery. You see, the first week of February I ended up having a bad case of strep.. while I was dealing with all the fun side affects the come with having strep, my jaw started to hurt - a lot. So I got it checked out, and sure enough, my wisdom teeth were cutting through the skin and the gums and teeth had gotten infected from the strep bacteria... funnnn. So on Valentine's Day I left work around 11am to head to the dentist and have my wisdom teeth extracted. I was so fortunate that my roommate bestie, Amanda, took the afternoon off work to pick me up from my appt and bring me home. It was honestly one of the worst afternoons of my life. The drugs wore off and the pain, oh the pain was horrific. I was starving, but I couldn't eat anything. I tried to eat some ice cream and it was just SO painful and I remember sitting on my bed crying into a bowl of ice cream because of the pain... and probably also because I really just wanted to eat that ice cream.

And that's the story of my terribly dramatic Valentine's Day. However, exactly one week after the worst Valentine's Day of all time, I went on the best date of my life - my first date with Justin.

If you ask me, Justin has it pretty easy. I don't really care about 'V-Day', I don't need chocolates, and presents, and all things pink and red, I don't want teddy bears, or 42 dozen roses, I'm just happy to not have strep throat, not have to have my wisdom teeth out, and have somebody who is willing to put up with all of my shit wonderful, totally non-annoying, tendencies.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Blogging Fail 2015

I've only blogged twice so far this year... and it has already basically been a month since my last post. Gah, blogging is just so hard these days (#TWSS).

I have so many post ideas and things I need to write about it, but it's just finding time that seems to be a massive struggle! So, I've decided to give you little snippets on the types of posts coming your way in the oncoming weeks...

I plan on getting my butt back in gear and start doing a lot more health and fitness posts though (hope you're all super excited about this - you should be).

Justin and I recently joined a gym (AND IT WAS TERRIFYING), which I'll fill you in a bit more on later. Essentially we are doing a 90-day challenge with weight loss, eating a lot cleaner, and trying to just better ourselves physically.

Valentine's Day. You either love it or you hate it... I've got a list of reasons why this Valentine's Day will be better than last years no matter what happens.

Justin and I are coming up on our one year anniversary (it's crazy how it has gone by SO quickly, I feel like I've known him forever - yet our first date seems like it was so long ago). I'll probably be blogging more about this, or maybe not - we'll see.

I have been binge watching Friends on Netflix for the past month - I'm pretty sure I've seen every episode at least 10x and I don't even care. Watching it from start to finish is just perfection. Could I be more excited? (do you see what I did there? no? moving on....)

I need a vacation... there, I said it. I haven't really had time off since last August - and that was such a whirlwind of a trip with minimal vacation time, so I'm really needing time off. Can I please just go lay on a beach somewhere for 5-7 days? That would be nice.

Last week, I saw Sam Smith in concert. He was absolutely wonderful and more amazing than I could have imagined.

And now I basically have nothing else to say, so I'll share a couple pictures because who doesn't like pictures?

Post work-out... not sure why we're smiling, we just had our butts kicked

Super Bowl snuggles with my favourite pup

Justin dead lifting 300lbs.. NBD

Hair cut + beard trim for him = happy me

Sam Smith <3

Sometimes karaoke happens

Selfies, always

Post run through Stanley Park last week.

Aaaand that's actually it, for now. I promise I'll be back to posting again soon-ish..