Friday, February 13, 2015

My Worst Valentine's Story...

Valentine's Day is tomorrow, and I've got to say - I couldn't care less. I'm not the kind of girl who gets excited over the fake hallmark holidays. It probably has something to do with the fact that I've been single for every single Valentine's Day that I've been alive, until this year, or it could be that it's just a stupid holiday.. who knows. It's a day that people celebrate love, but who cares when you're single? I just celebrated how awesome I am.

For the last 10 Valentine's Days (maybe more), I've had a hot date with my other single girlfriends. It has always turned into a girls night - cooking dinner at home, going to a movie, going out and getting drunk, etc. It has always been another excuse for a girls night with my close friends, except last year.

Last year was the worst Valentine's Day you could imagine. I mean, don't get me wrong - I didn't CARE, like.. at ALL.. but last Valentine's I cried into a bowl of ice cream and tried to nap all afternoon. Doesn't sound dramatic at all, right?

Lets back-track a little bit here... last Valentine's Day I had my wisdom teeth extracted in an emergency removal surgery. You see, the first week of February I ended up having a bad case of strep.. while I was dealing with all the fun side affects the come with having strep, my jaw started to hurt - a lot. So I got it checked out, and sure enough, my wisdom teeth were cutting through the skin and the gums and teeth had gotten infected from the strep bacteria... funnnn. So on Valentine's Day I left work around 11am to head to the dentist and have my wisdom teeth extracted. I was so fortunate that my roommate bestie, Amanda, took the afternoon off work to pick me up from my appt and bring me home. It was honestly one of the worst afternoons of my life. The drugs wore off and the pain, oh the pain was horrific. I was starving, but I couldn't eat anything. I tried to eat some ice cream and it was just SO painful and I remember sitting on my bed crying into a bowl of ice cream because of the pain... and probably also because I really just wanted to eat that ice cream.

And that's the story of my terribly dramatic Valentine's Day. However, exactly one week after the worst Valentine's Day of all time, I went on the best date of my life - my first date with Justin.

If you ask me, Justin has it pretty easy. I don't really care about 'V-Day', I don't need chocolates, and presents, and all things pink and red, I don't want teddy bears, or 42 dozen roses, I'm just happy to not have strep throat, not have to have my wisdom teeth out, and have somebody who is willing to put up with all of my shit wonderful, totally non-annoying, tendencies.


Sami said...

Oh I see, you get to be all mushy all of the time EXCEPT Valentine's Day?! I plan to be mushy and annoying and get flowers and eat chocolate and celebrate my first non Single Valentine's Day. SO THERE ;)

Lindsay Hess said...

Well so the good news is that no matter what happens tomorrow is going to be oodles and oodles better than last year. Don't die, please.

PS - do you know how to make Valentine's Day even better? With good, quality, homemade salsa.

PPS - sorry, had to.

PPPS - I'm not really sorry.

Becca @ Becoming Adorrable said...

Well compared to last year this one has the potential to be the best one EVER. <3

Jay T said...

Oh god I remember that. Last Valentines day and the preceding month just sucked all around. it's true. And even though you don't care about VD (see what I did there) I hope you have a great day tomorrow and I hope it's mushy.

Pistol Pete said...

Hey Darl, I remember how miserable you were last year. One year can change everything ... and this last one did.

Still, I enjoyed re-living it with you so that I, like you, could appreciate the improvement of 2015 over 2014.

This year your Mom and I spent a morning at a fundraiser ... the afternoon with Christian & Ashley (and Tony and June who brought Chinese dumplings for us) .... and then the kids and us had breakfast for supper while watching a 1989 movie for a blast from the past. We finished off the evening by finishing the 3rd season of Homeland.

No flowers, no cards, a couple of chocolates (and a mondo chocolate torte), a few movies, and fun people to hang with ... our VD was great! Glad yours was too. Love ya.