Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Blogging Fail 2015

I've only blogged twice so far this year... and it has already basically been a month since my last post. Gah, blogging is just so hard these days (#TWSS).

I have so many post ideas and things I need to write about it, but it's just finding time that seems to be a massive struggle! So, I've decided to give you little snippets on the types of posts coming your way in the oncoming weeks...

I plan on getting my butt back in gear and start doing a lot more health and fitness posts though (hope you're all super excited about this - you should be).

Justin and I recently joined a gym (AND IT WAS TERRIFYING), which I'll fill you in a bit more on later. Essentially we are doing a 90-day challenge with weight loss, eating a lot cleaner, and trying to just better ourselves physically.

Valentine's Day. You either love it or you hate it... I've got a list of reasons why this Valentine's Day will be better than last years no matter what happens.

Justin and I are coming up on our one year anniversary (it's crazy how it has gone by SO quickly, I feel like I've known him forever - yet our first date seems like it was so long ago). I'll probably be blogging more about this, or maybe not - we'll see.

I have been binge watching Friends on Netflix for the past month - I'm pretty sure I've seen every episode at least 10x and I don't even care. Watching it from start to finish is just perfection. Could I be more excited? (do you see what I did there? no? moving on....)

I need a vacation... there, I said it. I haven't really had time off since last August - and that was such a whirlwind of a trip with minimal vacation time, so I'm really needing time off. Can I please just go lay on a beach somewhere for 5-7 days? That would be nice.

Last week, I saw Sam Smith in concert. He was absolutely wonderful and more amazing than I could have imagined.

And now I basically have nothing else to say, so I'll share a couple pictures because who doesn't like pictures?

Post work-out... not sure why we're smiling, we just had our butts kicked

Super Bowl snuggles with my favourite pup

Justin dead lifting 300lbs.. NBD

Hair cut + beard trim for him = happy me

Sam Smith <3

Sometimes karaoke happens

Selfies, always

Post run through Stanley Park last week.

Aaaand that's actually it, for now. I promise I'll be back to posting again soon-ish..


DeborahYanni said...

I think everyone's in the same boat with blogging lately. At least you've been keeping busy with awesome things to do!

Casi @ MooreSprinklesPlease said...

Um yeah I just blogged twice this past week but before that it had been September. Whoops. Life happens!!

Good luck with the 90 day challenge!

allieology said...

You make me so proud. Please keep blogging more. I mean I know I get to talk to you outside of blogging, but I miss coming to your blog, okay?

I SO saw what you did there <3

Pistol Pete said...

Since you've been slacking off I Guess I better start a blog to keep up the family tradition.

No pressure there.