Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Pumpkin Carvin' Pros

Oh hi there, Monday Tuesday. I'm late to the party, but better late than never, right? For the record, I had every intention of having a blog post up first thing Monday morning, but then I ended up struggling at life and <insert various excuses here>.

So on Saturday night, Justin and I dressed up like twins (accidentally) (oh hey there matching white t-shirts), and carved the crap out of some pumpkins.

Now let me just start by saying that I suck at carving. Like big time suckage. Like, I can't even carve a simple pumpkin face with circle eyes, triangle nose, and crooked chunky pumpkiny teeth. But, my boyfriend happens to be a master carver (I swear) and taught me a few things before we got started, and for the FIRST TIME in my life, I'm so freakin' proud of my pumpkin. I love it.                           

I wanted to carve something superman related since Justin and I have an on-going superman/batman battle and he was going to carve batman, so carving a pretty princess pumpkin just didn't seem fitting or appropriate. So I went balls to the wall and decided to do superman. Justin took this awful picture of me and my pumpkin before I got started.

I sat back and took one last look at this bad boy before I got started. I panicked a little and told Justin this was a bad life decision and this was going to be WAY too hard for my simpleton carving abilities.

This is my 'I'm very unsure about this life decision' face. I'm not dramatic about this at all. 
But, even though I was pretty unsure it was going to suck, I'm actually really happy with how mine turned out...

Justin's pumpkin was 10x more impressive than mine. He started with the joker. We had to look at it/test it out with a candle before he kept carving, and I think it looks awesome.

Then he went back to work an hour later he had BATMAN.

Then the final step was carving the bat symbol into the back of the pumpkin so that it would shine on the wall once it was lit, and I think it looks so good. Kudos to Justin for that idea.

And one last look of his pumpkin, a little closer..

So there we have it, our superhero (and villain) pumpkins.. we may or may not have bought two more pumpkins yesterday, so we may or may not carve some more super heroes and villains this week. Stay tuned.


Justin insisted on carving more pumpkins last night. I put a whole 15 minutes of effort into mine while he put about 2 hours into this bad boy.

This is my little baby Superman logo pumpkin.

Justin carved Venom on one side, and on the other side...

Wolverine (which I think looks AWESOME by the way).
I had no clue that Justin was such an amazing carver - I'm seriously blown away by his skills.
Just before we crawled into bed last night we lit all of the pumpkins and Amanda and I "oooh'd" and "ahhhh'd" over them.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Oops, My Beaver Is Showing...

We all have weird search terms, it's just one of those little 'quirks' about blogging. Sometimes they're normal, sometimes they're weird, sometimes they're creepy, but usually - almost always - they're funny. I've taken a few screenshots, over the past couple months, of search term that have stuck out to me and made me giggle, and now you fine people of the internet can laugh with me. You're welcome.

Well, I don't really know how to even address this one. What. Is. Fatting? Gaining weight? Putting on fat? Eating something that is fattening? Whatever, I give up. I know I've blogged a lot about my weight loss progress, so I'll just chalk it up to that.

"I hate siri" 
Yeah, me too. I appreciate our mutual disrespect for her annoying tendencies. She's always auto correcting my words, and trolling me, and enough is enough. I'm guessing this search term is for the post I dedicated to Siri.

"Red plastic spoon"
Long story short, I once had a red (DQ) plastic spoon that I loved more than anything in the world (I was 3, cut me some slack). But I did blog about it, so I guess that's what this search term is for... But who searches 'red plastic spoon' anyway?

"Not going clubbing"
Nope, I'm not going to. When Carlton Banks can dance better than you can, you avoid all clubs as much as possible. I just DO NOT go clubbing. But again, who looks this kind of thing up?

"Outgrew finished growing taller now..."
Go home internet, you're drunk.

"Drunk selfies"
Well duh. Don't mind if I do...

"Too many selfies I'm guilty for that"
Not 1, not 2, but 3 people other than myself are guilty of taking too many selfies. Thanks for making me feel better about myself guys. Next time though, please work on the grammar in your search terms.

Okay, but really? This is definitely a common search term - I get that, but did they have to go to page 479 on Google to actually get a link to my blog? I blogged about it once, but it really wasn't a big deal.

"laying her hair on the ironing board"
Weird, just weird. And TWO people looked that up and got my blog? Even weirded.

"don't eat mushrooms"
Nope, I'm a firm believer in this. I hate them.

"foxtrot tango alpha funny" 
Ummmm what? FTAF? 

"why have kids if your unsure"
Well, first of all... if you can't properly use your/you're, then just do not reproduce.

Also, all the other search terms on that one are just weird.

We've been over this. You don't eat them, you throw them in the garbage where they belong. THEY ARE A FUNGI.

Yeah sure?

English much? I'm not facebook for date either...

First of all, a 21 year old should not be calling a 'birthday' or 'bday' a 'bdae'. This is not a sundae. This makes my brain hurt a little.

"oops my beaver is showing"
And then there's this one. My favourite search term of ALL TIME. Is this supposed to be a Canadian joke? A stupid sexual innuendo? I don't know, but I love it. And no, my beaver isn't showing.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

I'm Like Really Thankful

In typical bad blogger fashion, I completely neglected to make a Thanksgiving Day post on Monday - oops (For those of you (Americans) who didn't know, it was Thanksgiving in Canada this past weekend).

This year was my first year that I got to indulge in TWO Thanksgiving feasts - ahhh, the joys of having a boyfriend around the holidays (thanks for expanding my waistline, Justin...). I completely neglected to take pictures of the delicious feast with Justin's family on Sunday (again, bad blogger), but I did remember to snap a few pictures of my friendsgiving feast on Monday!

Nothing says 'be jealous of my Thanksgiving dinner', like raw poultry.

But don't worry, it eventually looked like this, and tasted like the two-heart-eye emoji face. mmmmm

I cook, he carves.

Thank you, Sarah, for the most amazing side dish to ever touch my lips. Oh sweet baby Jesus this was the most amazing thing ever. Sweet potatoes and apples baked in a honey/maple syrup/Jack Daniels glaze with chopped walnuts on top? 

Our entire spread all set up and ready to be devoured.

Obviously white wine was required with dinner.

I wrote a nice little super mushy post on facebook for all the things that I'm grateful for this year, but I don't feel like I need to be mushy here. I'm thankful for a bunch of things and stuff, and love everyone. There. That's it. Happy super late Thanksgiving.

America, just apply this to your own Thanksgiving in, like, six weeks.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Recappin' birthdays, like a boss

Well, I'm writing this on Wednesday morning - but I have a strong feeling like I'm going to be way too busy to actually get this written out and posted today. So, if you're reading this on Thursday - sorry not sorry, except kinda maybe sorry.

Last Wednesday - October 1st - I turned 26 years old (ugh, so old), and a mere 6 days later - October 7th - Justin turned 26 years old (awww, he's a baby) (yes my logic is flawed. no, I don't care). Anyway, I have not been a good 'lifestyle' blogger with recapping things that, you know, are actually GOING ON IN MY LIFE this year... so I thought I'd share some pictures from my birthday and his.

Both days were amazing, and I'm glad we took time off to spend with each other (#dorks).

Justin and I started the birthday celebrations the night before my birthday. Since neither of us needed to get up early in the morning (helllllo days off), we decided to go out for a drink... which quickly turned into a few drinks when we found out that his buddy (who is a bartender) was working.
I definitely didn't hate it.

Selfies while sitting at the bar

Just so many birthday selfies. And then the bartender took a picture of us (bottom right)

And he brought me the most delicious slice of red velvet cake. Because everyone needs to eat cake on their birthday (or almost birthday)

Justin made me a huge and absolutely exquisite breakfast. Eggs, pancakes, potatoes, turkey bacon, and chocolate milk... I could eat this every.single.day and never get sick of it.

If you're wondering, we actually DID since 'we're the three best friends that anyone could have..' while we skipped along the sidewalk. Not even kidding, at all.

Annnnnd we went to the aquarium. I didn't get a penguin for my birthday present, but I DID get to go and see them in person. And no I don't have a picture to show you because I'm a terrible blogger and please stop getting upset with me about it. Look at the starfish and jellyfish instead.

We headed to our favourite bar and Justin & Amanda surprised me with some friends showing up to drink and eat dinner and hang out with me - and it was faaantastic, and I'm a terrible blogger for not taking pictures of this either. SORRY. But at the end of the night, when Justin and I got home - he threw on the panda onesie that I showed y'all last week and we laughed a lot. So we took a selfie and called it a night.

Then on Tuesday, we had Justin's birthday..
I surprised him and gave him his birthday present early, and I might have spoiled him a little bit and bought him a laptop (his old laptop was horrible, I won't go into detail... but it really was not fit to do anything other than be the heaviest paper weight, ever).

He was so excited. Like a kid on Christmas morning. 

So for Justin's birthday, I booked an appointment for him to have his beard trimmed and have a hot oil massage on his face at a special barbershop (who doesn't love a little pampering?). 


Then we bowled, drank beer, played darts, drank beer, played pool, drank beer, then went home and ate so much food until we almost puked, then drank more beer, then went to bed. It was a glorious day.

I'm actually the worst bowler in the world. Justin is 'panda', and I'm 'koala'. Yeah, we have nicknames. Don't ask. This is our first game. I improved slightly for the second game...

As you can see, I'm basically ready to go pro and make a living out of this bowling thing. I'm so good.

Okay, that was my half-assed attempt at being a lifestyle blogger and recapping our birthdays, clearly like a boss. 

Over and out.