Thursday, October 9, 2014

Recappin' birthdays, like a boss

Well, I'm writing this on Wednesday morning - but I have a strong feeling like I'm going to be way too busy to actually get this written out and posted today. So, if you're reading this on Thursday - sorry not sorry, except kinda maybe sorry.

Last Wednesday - October 1st - I turned 26 years old (ugh, so old), and a mere 6 days later - October 7th - Justin turned 26 years old (awww, he's a baby) (yes my logic is flawed. no, I don't care). Anyway, I have not been a good 'lifestyle' blogger with recapping things that, you know, are actually GOING ON IN MY LIFE this year... so I thought I'd share some pictures from my birthday and his.

Both days were amazing, and I'm glad we took time off to spend with each other (#dorks).

Justin and I started the birthday celebrations the night before my birthday. Since neither of us needed to get up early in the morning (helllllo days off), we decided to go out for a drink... which quickly turned into a few drinks when we found out that his buddy (who is a bartender) was working.
I definitely didn't hate it.

Selfies while sitting at the bar

Just so many birthday selfies. And then the bartender took a picture of us (bottom right)

And he brought me the most delicious slice of red velvet cake. Because everyone needs to eat cake on their birthday (or almost birthday)

Justin made me a huge and absolutely exquisite breakfast. Eggs, pancakes, potatoes, turkey bacon, and chocolate milk... I could eat this and never get sick of it.

If you're wondering, we actually DID since 'we're the three best friends that anyone could have..' while we skipped along the sidewalk. Not even kidding, at all.

Annnnnd we went to the aquarium. I didn't get a penguin for my birthday present, but I DID get to go and see them in person. And no I don't have a picture to show you because I'm a terrible blogger and please stop getting upset with me about it. Look at the starfish and jellyfish instead.

We headed to our favourite bar and Justin & Amanda surprised me with some friends showing up to drink and eat dinner and hang out with me - and it was faaantastic, and I'm a terrible blogger for not taking pictures of this either. SORRY. But at the end of the night, when Justin and I got home - he threw on the panda onesie that I showed y'all last week and we laughed a lot. So we took a selfie and called it a night.

Then on Tuesday, we had Justin's birthday..
I surprised him and gave him his birthday present early, and I might have spoiled him a little bit and bought him a laptop (his old laptop was horrible, I won't go into detail... but it really was not fit to do anything other than be the heaviest paper weight, ever).

He was so excited. Like a kid on Christmas morning. 

So for Justin's birthday, I booked an appointment for him to have his beard trimmed and have a hot oil massage on his face at a special barbershop (who doesn't love a little pampering?). 


Then we bowled, drank beer, played darts, drank beer, played pool, drank beer, then went home and ate so much food until we almost puked, then drank more beer, then went to bed. It was a glorious day.

I'm actually the worst bowler in the world. Justin is 'panda', and I'm 'koala'. Yeah, we have nicknames. Don't ask. This is our first game. I improved slightly for the second game...

As you can see, I'm basically ready to go pro and make a living out of this bowling thing. I'm so good.

Okay, that was my half-assed attempt at being a lifestyle blogger and recapping our birthdays, clearly like a boss. 

Over and out.


Jay T said...

Please never stop taking selfies. And never get rid of the panda onesie. In fact, maybe you should get a second panda onesie! Would that one be a panda twosie? One time I bowled a 220.

Kristie's Blue Jeans said...

Happiest (late) birthday to you both! You are really good at the selfie thing, I may need a tutorial and boo for not getting a penguin, but I think there are laws against that and who wants to spend their birthday in the slammer?

Lindsay Landgraf said...

These basically look like the best birthdays in the history of birthdays and I could really use your advice for Andy's upcoming birthday. You and Justin are so adorable I could puke but absolutely in a complimentary "OMG more" way.

Less of Less said...

Happy Birthdays. You kinda sound like the best girlfriend ever. Seriously, you spoiled him. Good job.

Cassie Lee @ Sage the Blog said...

That chocolate milk looks like it's in a wine glass. And don't tell me if it's not because right now I think you're the most awesome ever haha

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you both had wonderful birthdays ! I'm a first week of October baby as well.