Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Sometimes I'm a Photographer

Happy hump day!

I usually write/prep blog posts at nighttime, because it's when I have the only time to sit down at my computer and write. However, last night, instead of writing a blog post for today - like normal, I decided to edit some pictures that I haven't gotten around to editing. Instead of editing for an hour like I was expecting, I ended up ending all night and into the wee hours (like helllllllo 1am bedtime, oops). It's been a long time since I've lost track of time while focusing on my work - and I can definitely say I didn't hate it.

So today, instead of sharing a ridiculous story, I'm just going to share pictures from a wedding that I helped photograph a couple of weeks ago.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Do you even run, bro?

I run.

That's weird for me to say.

After a lifetime of 'not running' and laughing if people asked me to run, I can finally say that I run. I still don't run around people, because I just can't bring myself to do that, but I run. On Sunday I started the program 'Couch 2 5k'. I've done the first two days so far, and I'm loving it. I don't know how long I will love it, but if I start to hate it...
I'll just ignore that part. Or something.
'Cause, you know, Ignorance is bliss, guys.

Anyway, I thought I'd share a few running stories from last week.

This is spot on.
This is exactly how I feel and how I look - which is why I don't run in public.

Last Friday, I left my house a little late for work. As I'm getting to the crosswalk to head to my bus stop, I notice the bus coming down the road. The only way I'm going to catch the bus is if I run the 2-3 blocks to the stop and beat the bus. In the past (and I can't believe I'm going to admit this) I wouldn't even bother running, if the bus was that close - I'd let it pass me and I'd catch the next one. #fatgirlprobz

I really didn't want to be late, or have to wait 10 minutes for the next bus... so I ran. The issue is that there were two (pretty good looking) guys walking a little boy down the sidewalk in front of me. I started sprinting for the bus stop, and they must have heard me because they turn around and step out of the way when they see me barreling towards them. I yell at them 'Excuse me! Sorry! Trying to catch the bus!' (in the most out of breath voice). They let me pass through, and I make it to the stop with literally 2 seconds to spare. As the bus stops and the doors open, I hear the two guys clapping and cheering for me - because I made it. Seriously? SERIOUSLY? They were being kind, I'm sure. But I kind of wanted to die. I just smiled, and ran onto the bus as fast as I could.

Also last week (can you tell it was a great week for running?), I discovered that I really shouldn't do shots of espresso anymore. I went through a phase (for a week) of having a shot every day as a little 'pick me up' despite the fact that I despise coffee. It worked wonders, and I'd feel amazing almost immediately. That was, until I discovered that my stomach didn't like the espresso so much. I was feeling a little 'off' every day, and my stomach hurt - but I just assumed I was eating something bad, not that I was feeling sick from the espresso. This realization didn't come until I took a shot of espresso after work one day so that I'd feel amazing for my afternoon run. However, I felt the complete opposite. I felt like complete crap, and almost like I was going to shit myself. Fantastic, eh? I discussed this with Juliette, because we have no boundaries, and she told me it was from the espresso. I didn't want to forfeit my run because I was feeling 'under the weather', so I went ahead and ran anyway. Bad life decision right there.

Note to self: When you feel like this, DON'T GO RUNNING.

About half-way through my run, it hit me. I legitimately thought I was going to shit my pants right there on the spot. As I'm slowing to a halt, I trip and stumble and barely compose myself. At this point, I'm hunched over - in the middle of an alley - feeling like I'm going to have an accident right there on the spot, and I decide that I need to help home. I start to slowly jog home - again, bad call... it just made it worse. I slowed myself to a nice steady walk home, and made it home without an unfortunate accident. Thank goodness this is only a story about the time I 'almost' shit myself while running. Sorry for the mental image.

After that story, I'm pretty sure I belong in the box of shame.

I'll continue to run, every day if I can, and I don't plan on stopping any time soon. Lets just hope that I'm shit free, and audience free for the unforeseeable future.


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Monday, August 26, 2013

Weekend Shenanigan Rejects

Ya'll know the drill.
It's Monday, which means that we're linking up with the Princess of Shenanigans to talk about our weekends.
To summarize: I did stuff. Fun stuff. Be jealous.

No, but seriously. I forgot to take my camera iPhone out for the majority of the weekend, so my weekend recap looks a little odd. Not photographed: dinner and drinks with friends on Friday night, BBQ with friends on Saturday night, watching Breaking Bad in bed for 3 glorious hours on Saturday morning. Like I said, be jealous.

one. Sweatin' to the oldies - just kidding, my life isn't a Richard Simmons VHS from 1992.
two. Vodka is just awesome water. Yes, yes it is. That's why it's my cheat meal.
three. I decided it was fall and cracked out my knee-high boots and leggings on Friday night.
four. I attended a Brain Solutions seminar. Information overload, but I learned a lot about health and well-being.
five. Best Davids Tea sign I've ever seen.
six. I decided to start Couch 2 5k, I'm still alive so I'd say it's going well.
seven. This salad completes my life. Seriously.
eight. Thanks to Juliette, I can now take selfies while I run. You can thank her.
nine. I ended Sunday night watching the President of Pop perform. I felt like it was a religious experience. Amen.


While I was putting together this fabulous little collage above, I noticed that I have sooooooooo (it means a lot) many selfies that I've never posted/shared/included in my weekend shenanigans. For good reason. Despite my better judgement, I decided to put together a collage of some of my selfie rejects. I mean, I'm like really pretty guys, so this collage might be too much beauty for you to handle - but just try and contain yourselves.

I'd like to preface this by saying that I shared this collage with one of my best friends and she told me that this might just solidify her thoughts that I'm "special". I've got great friends.

I'm not even going to explain any of these. I'll let them speak for themselves.

Also, this might be an indication as to why I'm single right now. Maybe. Whatever, I'm awesome.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Vulnerable Truth 3.0

Alright guys, I'm about to get a little serious with y'all for a minute.

I've posted before about weight-loss and my journey to get healthy. It has been an interesting process and honestly the best journey of my life. If you're unfamiliar with what I'm talking about here are parts ONE and TWO.

The picture on the left is from a year ago. The picture on the right is from last weekend.

The mental aspect of weight-loss is something that I've struggled with throughout this process. I still can't bring myself to workout in front of people or with people - even friends. However, despite the fact that I once blogged about 'why I don't run', I have started running. Everyday. Well, 5-6x per week. Honestly, it's therapeutic for me and I feel good when I'm done. Even though I'm running so often, I still can't run 'in front' of people - so I run down alley-ways. One time I went running at 2:00AM but my dad didn't like that, and suggested that I not do it anymore (even though he lives 6,000km away). Don't worry Dad, I still just run down all of the alleys in my neighborhood. Dad, I'm humoring you - for now.

I obviously instagramed about my 2AM run

When I run, I don't take music with me. No phone, no communication with the world, no music, nothing. Just me and my thoughts, and I love every second of it. When I'm working out at home, I need music to keep me motivated and keep me moving; but when I'm running, I need silence and to be left alone with my thoughts.

I do my best thinking when I run. I can clarify situations in my head and come up with perfect solutions to anything that's weighing on my mind. It's freeing, it's fabulous, and it's something that I NEVER expected.

I love this. It's my iPhone wallpaper so that I see it and remind myself of this every day.

Everyone gets motivated by different things. I was motivated by a healthier lifestyle. Sometimes people need to lose weight for an event: wedding, graduation, milestone birthday, heck even just the summer so they can have a bikini ready body. I, however, didn't really have any of that when I first started my journey. Sure, I'm a bridesmaid in a best friends wedding next summer - so I'd LOVE to look hot for that. Sure, I'm turning 25 in October, and I feel like I should look hot for my "quarter-life". However, what it all came down to was that I was sick of being fat. I as sick of being unhappy with who I was, and most of all I just wanted to FEEL better. Yes, looking better was definitely a perk that I was wanting (and looking forward to). But at the end of the day, I had enough of living the way I was living and I just wanted to be happy.

That's just it. Just to be happy. Happiness is different for everyone, and honestly if you had asked me a month ago if I was happy - I'd tell you 'yes, I'm happy and I've always been happy'. But that would be a lie. Not a lie that I'm happy, because honestly - I'm probably the happiest that I've ever been. I wasn't always happy though, and that's something that I forgot.. until recently.

Two weeks ago I accidentally found an old video on my computer that I recorded in January 2011 - two months before I moved to Vancouver with Amanda. Maybe someday I'll be ready to show that video to everyone, but not yet. However, what I will share with you is the screen-cap (above) of this girl. When I watched this video (which I recorded for 'future me') I was blown away and shocked. I felt so sad for that girl. I honestly didn't even remember recording this video and I didn't remember that I had ever felt that way. I asked myself that if future me was thinner and healthier, to never ever go back. I just, I have no words. This is the motivation that I didn't know that I needed in order to get myself on track.

I don't know if it's a good idea or a terrible idea, but I use myself as motivation. Before you think I'm crazy, allow me to explain... I use old pictures, videos, heck - even things I've written, as motivation to push myself further and to never go back. Seeing how far I've come amazes me. I'm not trying to boast or sound cocky (actually the exact opposite) because I know I am only half way to my goal. But I celebrate my small victories, I celebrate my life that I'm taking back, and I celebrate the confidence that I've gained.

This is the same shirt (in the three pics above). I've owned it for years and now it practically falls off me - but I've kept it so I can continue to see my progress. The picture on the left is from 2 years ago, the picture in the middle was taken last night, and the picture on the right is from 3 years ago. This shirt truly didn't fit me when I used to wear it ( and I wore it all.the.time.), but I loved it and thought I looked good. I was delusional, and I can see that now.

Anyway... I could say a lot more, but I've rambled far too long. I will end this here and I will pick up next time when I do a 4th edition of The Vulnerable Truth. I truly thank every single one of you who have encouraged me, inspired me, and helped me with this journey. The support that I've gotten has been so overwhelming and it's more than I ever could've expected and it has been motivation for me to keep going.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Sketti Shenanigans - Part II

Happy Fat Tuesday, friends.

Yesterday I posted about my weekend, so today I'm going to join Ms. Shenanigans again for some more weekend shenanigans. A few weeks ago, I may have had a few too many drinks with Jennie and we came up with a plan to make Honey Boo Boo style sketti, and film it. Dumb idea. I re-watched this video last night, and I may regret posting this... #YOLO (kidding), but it's kind of too late now.

Yeah, I just said that.

I'm warning you now, this is the exact reason that I'll never have a cooking show.
Also, this video is 10 minutes.. sorry. It's long, I know.

Maybe next time I'll do a video of juggling, Honey Boo Boo style.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Sketti Shenanigans

Oh hey there, Monday.
I played hooky around the blog at the end of the week last week - sorry about that. But I'm baaack with a few pictures of my weekend so I can link-up with Ms. Shenanigans

This weekend didn't contain as much clean eating and exercise as it should have. It also included way too many 'cheat meals' ie. alcohol. Oops. We all fall off the bandwagon sometimes because of peer pressure.

one. De Konnick. It's De Licious.
two. Friday night workout before movie and drinks/tapas with Amanda.
three. The worst calamari that Amanda and I have ever consumed. It tasted like hot dogs - no lie.
four. Running errands - car selfie, duh.
five. Saturday morning run/workout.
six. Saturday selfies.
seven. This will be vlogged later this week. Jennie and I made Honey Boo Boo style sketti.
eight. Princess Roscoe.
nine. Did I mention that alcohol is my cheat meal?

Happy Monday, friends. Hope y'all don't have the Monday Blues.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Hana Pro Flat Iron

Happy hump day, friends.

I was born with wavy/curly hair. Well, I guess, technically I was born with pin-straight hair and it gradually progressed to wavy/curly by the time I was 10 years old. When I was a teenager, I lusted after having straight hair and I was jealous of all the girls that had luscious/straight hair. When I was 14 or 15, before I got my first hair straightener, my friends and I used to straighten our hair with real irons. We would bend over and lay our hair out flat on an ironing board and iron our hair.

My first straightener was complete crap. It lasted me (somehow) for 2 years, and it honestly didn't straighten my hair very well but I loved it and I used it every day to have 'straight' hair. My next straightener was also crap, and lasted all of about 6 months before it died and I was back to curly hair every day. Eventually, a few of my friends got together and bought me a professional straightener for my birthday one year, and I've had it now for almost 5 years. It works pretty well, and it does the job - but it doesn't straighten my hair without running it over the same piece 3x. Doing my whole head (basically) 3x is just NOT fun. It takes far too long, and it's not something that I enjoyed doing almost everyday. But we do crazy things for vanity. Pain is beauty, so they say.

Everyone has a bad hair day, but you don't have to.

A week ago I got the most glorious package in the mail. The contents contained a brand new, amazing, flat iron.

The Best Flat Iron. Seriously.

This Hana flat iron is fantastic. It is the best straightener that I've ever used on my hair, no joke. It glides easily over my hair, without yanking out strands at the roots, and straightens my hair so easily. I even used it on my roommates hair, and it worked just as well (and she might be slightly jealous). I've been using this straightener for close to a week now, and let me tell y'all - I haven't had one of these Michelle Tanner moments since I started using it.

I could talk about how this is the best flat iron, ever , until I'm blue in the face. However, I'll show you the proof that this flat iron takes my hair from drab to fab in a few quick minutes.

Having hair like this is just no bueno, and makes me sad. This is why I can't ever leave my house without doing my hair.

Straight hair for the win.

Since I had time to kill while my roommate took forever to get ready, I decided to test out how well this flat iron would curl. One of my biggest things is that I curl my hair with my flat iron, because it honestly works better than a curling iron. This flat iron passed my test, and I was able to curl my hair so easily.

There you have it, my proof that this is the best flat iron that I have ever used.

Check out Misikko, Hana Salon, and Misikko's Facebook Page

*please note that I was given this flat iron to test and review. All opinions, comments, and pictures are 100% mine*