Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Hana Pro Flat Iron

Happy hump day, friends.

I was born with wavy/curly hair. Well, I guess, technically I was born with pin-straight hair and it gradually progressed to wavy/curly by the time I was 10 years old. When I was a teenager, I lusted after having straight hair and I was jealous of all the girls that had luscious/straight hair. When I was 14 or 15, before I got my first hair straightener, my friends and I used to straighten our hair with real irons. We would bend over and lay our hair out flat on an ironing board and iron our hair.

My first straightener was complete crap. It lasted me (somehow) for 2 years, and it honestly didn't straighten my hair very well but I loved it and I used it every day to have 'straight' hair. My next straightener was also crap, and lasted all of about 6 months before it died and I was back to curly hair every day. Eventually, a few of my friends got together and bought me a professional straightener for my birthday one year, and I've had it now for almost 5 years. It works pretty well, and it does the job - but it doesn't straighten my hair without running it over the same piece 3x. Doing my whole head (basically) 3x is just NOT fun. It takes far too long, and it's not something that I enjoyed doing almost everyday. But we do crazy things for vanity. Pain is beauty, so they say.

Everyone has a bad hair day, but you don't have to.

A week ago I got the most glorious package in the mail. The contents contained a brand new, amazing, flat iron.

The Best Flat Iron. Seriously.

This Hana flat iron is fantastic. It is the best straightener that I've ever used on my hair, no joke. It glides easily over my hair, without yanking out strands at the roots, and straightens my hair so easily. I even used it on my roommates hair, and it worked just as well (and she might be slightly jealous). I've been using this straightener for close to a week now, and let me tell y'all - I haven't had one of these Michelle Tanner moments since I started using it.

I could talk about how this is the best flat iron, ever , until I'm blue in the face. However, I'll show you the proof that this flat iron takes my hair from drab to fab in a few quick minutes.

Having hair like this is just no bueno, and makes me sad. This is why I can't ever leave my house without doing my hair.

Straight hair for the win.

Since I had time to kill while my roommate took forever to get ready, I decided to test out how well this flat iron would curl. One of my biggest things is that I curl my hair with my flat iron, because it honestly works better than a curling iron. This flat iron passed my test, and I was able to curl my hair so easily.

There you have it, my proof that this is the best flat iron that I have ever used.

Check out Misikko, Hana Salon, and Misikko's Facebook Page

*please note that I was given this flat iron to test and review. All opinions, comments, and pictures are 100% mine*


Samantha @ Life is But a Stream of Thoughts said...

I curl my hair with a flat iron sometimes, and I'm loving the curls this gave you! I've been seeing these reviews, and I'm curious to test one out!

Allie @ Tales of a TwentySomething said...

And now you get to do a video tutorial on how to get those pretty curls with your flat iron.

Brittany Lea said...

Looking great love! Love the curls you got from the flat iron!

Kathy @ Vodka and Soda said...

so please do me a favor and post a vlog about making those delish waves with your flat iron? i tried that and it didn't come out as well as yours!

Vodka and Soda

Anonymous said...

I use to make my little sister iron my hair with our iron. She hated me for that.

Tracie Everyday said...

I love reading flat iron reviews! I need a new one so bad and none of my friends use them, so I have been putting it off forever b/c I don't want to spend the money and not like it. I'm attempting to learn to curl my hair with a flat iron and yours look so pretty!

Jay T said...

You're like, really pretty.

Asia Reynolds said...

Pretty!! My friends and I love using all Chi products but I might have to invest in one of these.

Jay T said...

OK wait how do I get one fo' free?

Leyla said...

I have the same hair as you,that kind of hair that are not straight but not even properly curly,just something in between!
It seems a great product!I actually like you with both straight and curly hair! :)

Only a storm in a coffee cup

Brittany Kyte said...

I haven't used a real curling iron in YEARS because my chi works SO well at curling! It's perfect!!!