Monday, August 5, 2013

Vacation Shenanigans

Happy Monday (said no-one, ever).
It's a holiday in Canada today, so I'm going to enjoy this Monday a little more than normal. I might actually still be sleeping when you read this. My bad.
As usual, I'm linking up with the lovely Sami.

This time I'm doing something a little different. Instead of showing you all what I did this weekend - I'm going to show you all what my vacation (from a week ago, oops) looked like. Bring on the vacation shenanigans, they're my favourite.

One. Not being able to sleep on a red-eye flight = this face.
Two. Almost home.
Three. Re-united with two of my favorite guys.
Four - Six. I forgot how humid it gets in Nova Scotia. Mandatory pool time to cool off. Pool-side selfies with Jennifer and Ashley.
Seven. We're really really pretty. Also, love that frizzy humid-hair.
Eight. I was forced to sweep up the floor because I knocked the garbage bag over. Oops.
Nine. Love these kids.

One. A lot of kids on one couch.
Two. Road-trip to the valley.
Three. Delicious delicious ice cream. So good.
Four. My neck hurts just looking at this one. It's so awkward, I had to share.
Five. I tried to eat healthy if/when I could.
Six. Yep. This happened.
Seven-Nine. Selfies, selfies, selfies.

One. It's so hard to relax next to the hideous place.
Two. The humidity got to him.
Three. Nothing but fields out here.
Four-Six Selfies everyday. Also, I can't have straight hair in Nova Scotia.
Seven. Ashley and I had a Rummy-Cube marathon.
Eight. Bonfires are always perfect on a nice summer night.
Nine. Oh hey, puddle.


One. Why wouldn't I take a picture of sheep? They're cute and fluffy.
Two. Selfies in the washroom.
Three. Fire selfies.
Four. We might have done beer shots. Ha.
Five. I may have made Ashley chug wine.
Six. mmmm beer.
Seven. Typical.
Eight. My brother was cold..
Nine. Ashley and I struggle.


One. Ashley doesn't want to play games with me anymore.
Two. No truer words have ever been spoken.
Three. Always say yes to a Photo-Booth.
Four. Funny story about these cows - they were kind of humping. They stopped and stared when I tried to take a picture. Weird thing is that they're both female.
Five. New phone case from my cousin. Pretty princess case.
Six. Pistachio cake. It's one of the most delicious things in the world. Thanks Sierra for baking this.
Seven. How do you turn down tacos?
Eight. I don't even know. But look at that sweet 'humid hair'. I was so over it.
Nine. Rolling Rock beer.

This is hands down my favorite collage, ever. Sierra is basically my soulmate. Here is the proof:


My parents and I had to kill some time at the airport while we waited for my flight to take off. Obviously, we took some shameless selfies. It's just what happens.


One-Three. My mom is just so adorable. She's so little and I just want to put her in my back pocket. Also, notice the "bunny ears" above my head in #2, and dad creeping in the background in #3... he wasn't a fan of being left out of pictures.
Four-Six. Nobody ever listens to me aka 'the photographer' about the importance of back lighting pictures, so I humored them and took a picture of us staring directly into the sun. #6 is just a massive fail.
Seven-Nine. Dad refused to take a normal picture with me. #9 is the closest to 'normal' that we got.

On my flight home, I got a little carried away with pictures. So then I did the obvious thing and took selfies. I go from the most serious look, to the most amazing SMIZE that Tyra Banks would fawn over. I mean look at dem eyez. If you ask me, I think it's missing some googly eyes, and then it transitions back to air plane pictures.


Yep, I'm ending this post with the creepy eyes picture. You're welcome.


Liz @ Fitness Blondie said...

Cute pictures!!! Looks like someone has been enjoying themselves ;) The pistachio cake really stuck out to me, looks amazing. Enjoy your holiday!

Allie @ Tales of a TwentySomething said...

So um you said selfies seven times. Say that seven times fast and I didn't even count how many selfies you actually posted because we know that number is different than the number of selfies you took. Also, you ate a lot of lactose-y things.