Monday, July 21, 2014

My Day Explained By GIF's

Happy Monday.
Today's prompt is all about sharing my day... via GIF's, so lets go:

Alarm goes off at 5:45am... no no no no no, lets hit snooze 3x before I'll actually get up kind of get up.

Stroll into the office at 7:30am and sit down at my desk.

GChat while I multi-task the crap outta my to-do list.

Show general love and support for my colleagues that ask me questions.

Oh look, it's lunch time...

I eat my lunch like a lady stuff my face with all the food.

Back to work, to be super productive.

Watch the clock.

Oh, what's that? It's 4:00pm? Peace out, suckas.

I get home from work. It has clearly been a hard day.

I might go for a run along the seawall.

Then get home and can't move a muscle.

But too bad, because I have no food in the house and I have to go to the grocery store to buy all the ingredients for dinner.

I cook myself a delicious, and not at all burnt, dinner.

Dinner doesn't need to taste good when you've got vodka in the house. No worries.

I need beauty sleep, good night.

Even though we don't like rules, every fun thing in life has them. So here are a few of ours:

1. Please only link up a post if it matches with the day's topic.
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Brittney, Breaking Free said...

Hahaha loved this, the mean panda bear is the best!

The Grits Blog said...

OMG that Panda is killing me! LOL This was hysterical.

Paul Hagan said...

Woah. Woah woah woah. Does the Canadian workday end at 4:00PM?

Chubby Spin Instructor said...

OMG this is the best. My Monday has totally been right in line with this. I overslept, could not find my work badge, and got to work, to find NO PARKING SPACES, went to take the work shuttle, only to find out it was broken down. #mondayfail

I mentioned your post on my Facebook Blog page because I liked it so much,

Lindsay Landgraf said...

10 points for the horizontal running gif. Also, I love you.

allieology said...

Look at you and all of those panda gifs. Wonder if you a had a little help in picking those out *wink wink*

Brandi said...

Oh the vodka!! I almost used that one! Love it!

Lauren @ Lot Forty Eight said...

That panda wreaking havoc is hilarious!!!

Jaz said...

The panda gifs! Too cute!

K @ Keeping Up With K... said...

Nodding my head YES to the Berger from SATC(that's the only way I know him...)GIFs

Jay T said...

Did you use a bunch of panda gifs because of Justin?

shannon said...

you had at me a "gifs."