Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A love letter

Hi friends. Can I just say HOLY CRAP to how many people linked up with us yesterday? Thank y'all for taking part in finishing the sentence!

Today we are writing letters to inanimate objects.. this one was kind of hard for me. I could write a letter to pizza, my iPhone, my computer, or so many other things, but no. Not today. Today is not their day to shine...

    Dear bath tub,

    I had no idea that you were missing from my life for the past few years until we were reunited this March when Amanda and I moved into our new apartment. Living with a stand-up shower for over two years wasn't so bad, but I guess it's just because that saying is true - ignorance is bliss. Now that I have been reunited with your sheer amazingness, I can't imagine you not being a part of my life anymore.

    You're there for me after a long day at work, after a long run or workout, or even on days that I really just want to be lazy and relax. You keep me warm, wet, and happy (TWSS), and I love every second of it. Your jets know how to hit my legs and back in the right places to soothe my sore muscles. Your width and length are the perfect dimensions to allow me to relax comfortably without feeling squished.

    Thank you for being there when I need you, and I promise to always treat you well with lots of bubbles. Like, lots and lots and lots.

    I love you.


What thing in your life do you want to write a letter to?

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Ashleigh W. said...

Oh how a nice, long, hot bath can cure anything! I think I shall take a bath tonight :)

Brittney, Breaking Free said...

Long hot baths are the best!

Lindsay Landgraf said...

10 points for excellent use of the perfect gif.

kdhopwood said...

I've always wanted to be one of those girls that loves to take long relaxing baths, but I just can't do it!

Elizabeth Dietz said...

I haven't taken a bath in sooooo long! But I could totally go for a long soak in a tub right now... too bad it is almost time for me to leave for work!

allieology said...

"Your jets know how to hit my legs and back in the right places to soothe my sore muscles" riiiiiiight... your "legs and back" hoooookkay Faith. ;)