Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Canada is so Canada because Canada


Well well well, here we are officially more than half way through 2014 since it's now July 1st... can I just say holy crap? Today is the start of the "blog every day in July" challenge that I mentioned yesterday and today is all about Canada... because it's CANADA DAY. Now, for those of you reading this that are from the US... today is basically like Independence Day, which y'all will celebrate at the end of the week. Today we celebrate the birthday/anniversary of Canada's confederation.

In honour of this momentous occasion, I thought I would share a few things (lets say 10?) about why Canada is so Canada, because Canada...

    1. I'm sorry, eh?
    Canadians apologize for everything. This is honestly true. I have a problem of being an 'over apologizer', but it's really just because I'm a Canadian, and also because I'm a Libra... it kind of makes me say sorry for anything and everything - including things that aren't my fault. But, yes, we apologize a lot. Also, according to all of my American friends that I've facetimed with, they say we say it 'weird' we pronounce it "sore-ee"; whereas Americans typically pronounce it "sar-ee".

    2. We're nice, eh?
    The rumours are true... Canadians (for the most part) are really nice people. I mean, come on, not EVERYONE is nice.. but as a whole, we're collectively 'nice'.

    3. We know how to drink, eh?
    Canadian beer is the shit. No, seriously. It's delicious, and amazing, and it can get cold here in the winters, eh - so we stay warm by drinking... especially on the East Coast (where I was born and raised). I promise you, if you haven't partied with a Canadian, you haven't lived.

    4. Robin Sparkles, eh?
    I mean, there's not much to say - she just represents us so well (not really, I just don't want to ruin that illusion for y'all).

    5. We're North Americans, eh?
    Sometimes I feel like a lot of my American friends, or even random people on the internetz typically asked stupid questions about Canada. Sorry, I'm not trying to be rude here, but COME ON PEOPLE. Canada is part of North America, we're basically a northern version of America... it's really not that much different here. We don't live in igloos. It's not winter ALL YEAR LONG.

    6. We have different names for things, eh?
    We are sister countries with the USA, but we have some different ways of saying things.
    Americans call them 'Semi' trucks, we call them 'transports' or 'transporters'.
    Americans call them 'bathrooms' or sometimes 'restrooms', we call them 'washrooms'.
    Americans call it 'macaroni and cheese', we call it 'Kraft Dinner' or 'KD'.
    Americans call it 'ham', we call it 'Canadian bacon'.

    I'm sure there a bunch more but I am too lazy to think of them right now.

    7. We spell differently, eh?
    If you don't know this already - Canadians spell things the proper British way. Meaning, there are a lot of words that we add a 'u' to, like: favourite, honour, neighbour, etc. Also, we reverse 'er' to be 're' in some words too, like: centre, fibre, etc.

    8. We don't have a president , eh?
    We don't have a president - we have a prime minister instead. I mean, he's kinda of similar, kind of not. I'll keep politics off my blog - but I'm not really a fan of our prime minister, so I'm just going to leave it at that.

    9. We get Canadiangry, eh?
    Canadiangry is a word that I made up in conversation with Juliette a few weeks ago. Basically, it's what happens to Canadians when we get upset - we get a little upset, and then apologize about it.

    10. Eh , eh?
    In case you haven't caught on by now, we DO say 'eh?' I don't use it at the end of every sentence like I've done in the post - I was just being a tad dramatic, because that's what I do best. But I will use it (often) at the end of a question (usually a question with an implied answer... if that makes sense?) ex: "It's hot outside today, eh?"



Anonymous said...

So apparently I get my apologizing from Canada then. I do it all the time, for no reason at all. I also thank people when they ask ME to do something. And I would have to agree, Canadians do say sorry funny. I always noticed that about my ex-mother in law.

Jay T said...

Are you saying that Americans say stupid things and ask stupid questions about Canadia because yesterday I told you that it's SO MUCH BIGGER than I thought?

K @ Keeping Up With K... said...

I absolutely need to hear an american say sorry now because I have never noticed the difference!

I was so confused with Juliette's post yesterday about the semi thing. I couldn't figure out what it would be called. My dad owns a trucking company here in Sask and we call all his trucks semis. Must be a difference between provinces!

Happy Canada Day!

Martha Woods said...

That GIF is hilarious!

Lindsay Landgraf said...


Give it to me. Give it to me now.

Happy Canada Day(eh)!

Kendra Loisel said...

This is so funny. I am totally a Canada fan and need to make a trip there again soon. I love the picture of Canada shorts, how funny!

Donna said...

So excited to participate in this! And Happy Canada Day to a fellow Canadian! Here's to Shania Twain & Ketchup Chips! :)

Emily said...

I love this! So funny!

Kristie's Blue Jeans said...

I have to say, anyone I have ever had an actual conversation with from Canada actually has an accent similar to people form Minnesota, North Dakota and Wisconsin.

Just Miss C said...

Happy Canada Day! I am not from Canada but I always call the bathroom the washroom. I don't know why. So, it's interesting to hear Canadians call it the washroom.

allieology said...

Well since I can't REPLY to Juliette's comment, I'll leave it here... #twss.

Also, I'm pretty much in love with the fact that you call mac and cheese Kraft Dinner or KD. Except to me, that's the WORST kind of mac and cheese ever.

Happy Canadia Deh!

Sami said...

I didn't know I was a fan of Candadia until I met you.. so there's that. Also, I believe I properly corrected Juliette on something canadian on her post today. Just saying.

kdhopwood said...

I couldn't quit laughing at your pictures!! Thanks! Happy Canada Day!

The Rachael Way said...

Real talk, I learned a lot in this post. Eh? ;)

Kim Matheson said...

Number nine. I laughed out loud. The whole list, of course, but number nine tickles me. Great post! :) (From Northern BC. Hope you had an awesome Canada Day!)