Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A few favourites

This prompt can be a little awkward, and I'm sorry about that. Let get to 'er. We want to know about your 3 favourite blogs today, because we're jerks nosey. I might do more than 3, I haven't really thought about it yet. Lets see how this list pans out.

In no particular order, here are a few of my favourite daily reads (not including my two co-hosts Juliette, and Allie).

    Lindsay @ The Wife in Training
    Lindsay is one of my favourite people I have ever befriended on the interwebs. Seriously. Her, Juliette, and I are also known as triplets. Her blog cracks me up, and her recipes make my stomach grumble at work, and her friendship keeps me entertained on gchat for hours every day. If you don't already read her blog, what the heck are you waiting for? Scoot over there right now and say hi (or wait until the end of this post - your call).

    Whitney @ I Wore Yoga Pants
    Whitney is another one of my favourite people. I've probably known her for 10+ years (thanks to good 'ol LJ) and I can tell she she's one of the funniest bloggers I know. Homegirl always cracks me up with her posts, and I can't say enough good things about her blog. If you haven't heard of her, then you're probably living under a rock.

    Shan (Shannon) @ Gin and Bare It
    Shan never fails to make me laugh. Ever. Okay, I think we have a trend here - I tend to read (and stick to reading) funny blogs. She is recently married (to Shitler) and is another one of my favourite people I've met through blogging. She makes me laugh a lot, whether it's through her blog, or twitter, or just from the most ridiculous texts ever... if you don't already know about her, go check her out right now.

Okay, I stuck with the task of "3 blogs" which was kinda hard to do, but here are some honorable mentions for blogs that I find myself visiting on the daily, or at least a few times a week to see what's new:

  • Pioneer Woman - those recipes, mmmmmm.
  • Sami's Shenanigans - love love love this girl. She doesn't blog often anymore, but I always stay up to date.
  • The Rachael Way - she's such a sweet girl, if you're not following her you should go check her out! Plus she's moving to the other side of the world at the end of the summer and that will make for some amazing blog posts.
  • Perez Hilton - I know I know I know, don't judge me... sometimes I check in to see what the gossip is.
  • Buzz Feed - I visit this site

  • Aaaand I think that's it. Link up and share some of your favourites!

    Even though we don't like rules, every fun thing in life has them. So here are a few of ours:

    1. Please only link up a post if it matches with the day's topic.
    2. Make sure you either grab the button code and put it in the HTML portion of your post, or link back to at least one of the hosts.
    3. Go make some friends. Comments=Love



    Shane Prather said...

    So fun! I love all of these ladies!

    Brandi said...

    Love Sami & Whitney! I will have to check out the others!

    The Rachael Way said...

    Thank you for the shoutout!! I love you girl, I read your blog all the days!!! <3 <3

    Brittney, Breaking Free said...

    Love them!

    Sami said...

    I just LURVE you. and MISS YOU. and really want to KISS you. Just kidding on that last one. My new job means no time for blogging so I think it will probably die for good. I am SO SAD.

    Lindsay Landgraf said...

    Thank you SO MUCH for the shoutout, I'm still hardcore blushing all the way down here in Texas. Love you longtime, Triplet.

    shannon said...

    OMG this just gave me all the flattery butterflies in the whole wide world. and now i feel like a terrible person for being so far behind on blog reading and not seeing this wonderfulness till now.

    i love you lots. like a lot a lots.