Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Currently, A Non-Myspace Myspace Survey

Today we're kicking old-school with this prompt. Kinda like the old Livejournal Memes that would go around, and you were only a cool kid if you did it. Oh, or the Myspace surveys. Ha! I just decided that this is what this is... a Myspace Survey. But now I'm rambling about nothing, and you really didn't come here to read this, soooo whatever.

Well, I'm currently sleeping sitting on the train heading to work. No, but for real, I just took a 15 minute nap because we are experiencing train delays due to a stalled train on the tracks. Thanks Translink. So lets take a trip down memory lane the lane that I'm currently walking down.

  • Reading - This one hurts me, a lot. I'm actually currently not reading a book, nor have I read one in about 6 months... because I have zero time. So, I read blogs. PLEASE PUT YOUR SIDE EYES AWAY FOR THIS ONE, JULIETTE AND LINDSAY.

  • Writing - This blog post. I bet you didn't see that one coming... Crazy, I know. Oh, and a couple texts to some blogger friends and colleagues (about the train delays).

  • Listening - Super inappropriate rap music to get me hyped up and jazzed for the day since it's 6:30am and I feel as though I should be sleeping somewhere other than this super hard seat (TWSS).

  • Thinking - That I should reactivate my Myspace profile. Also, that I should have every Wednesday off. Double also, that I should be sleeping right now.. but like, in my bed. Not on this train.

  • Smelling - Train B.O. Sorry, not sorry, for that overshare. Also, a gentleman a few feet away is devouring a sausage mcmuffin and hashbrown, and that smell is everything right now... I can practically taste that sinfully deliciously disgusting grease in my mouth right now.

  • Wishing - That I could take the sausage mcmuffin from this mans hands and devour it, but that's rude. Also wishing I had a genie who could grant me such wishes, and also make me rich and skinny.

  • Hoping - That I'm not obscenely late for work because of these delays. I'm hungry, I'm tired, and I've got things to do, people!
    A-ha! The train is moving! Seeing is believing, people.

  • Wearing - Old navy hoodie, slacks, and sneakers... oh, and no make-up. I'm the epitome of sexy bombshell when I ride the train, let me tell you. But for real, I'll change into appropriate clothes when if I ever get to work.

  • Wanting - Food. Mainly this ridiculously delicious smelling sausage mcmuffin.

  • Loving - Justin (on the count of three lets all say 'awww'...)

  • Needing - To be back in bed? Be on vacation? Be one size smaller? I guess I don't need any of these things, but a girl can dream - right?

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    Jay T said...

    FYI, Justin Timberlake bought MySpace and now it sucks. I tried to go on there to find some pictures and they were all gone. It's all stupid music now and I hate it and want it to die.

    Lindsay Landgraf said...

    *Side eye averted.* But really though… You change into work clothes at work? How does no one ever see you doing that? Do you have to carry an extra bag with clothes? Isn’t that annoying and inconvenient? I have so many questions.

    Jenn @ Business, Life & Design said...

    I love that you wear comfy clothes to travel and change at work! You're like the 80's women with their sneakers. Represent!

    I'm also listening to (somewhat) inappropriate music. But since it's earbuds, it's ok.

    Brittney, Breaking Free said...

    Yeah Ive tried to log into myspace and everything is completely different...bye bye old pics :(

    Jaz said...

    There's no such thing as inappropriate rap music. Lol! And oh, what was the last book you read? I'm looking for a good book to read. :)

    Becca @ Becoming Adorrable said...

    Train BO is the worst BO