Monday, April 1, 2013

Not So Sleepless In Seattle...

Happy Easter Monday (and April Fool's Day), my loves.
Whether you're at the office, or you're lucky enough to have the day off to spend with your family - I hope you enjoy yourselves!
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This weekend, Amanda & I went to Seattle for Friday & Saturday. I loved that it was a long weekend and we started it off right. If you follow me on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook then you may have seen the thousands of pictures that I posted on Friday or Saturday from mine and Amanda's trip - if you've seen these all, then I'm sorry for showing them to you again. Here's a quick snapshot of my weekend:

1. We stopped at a casino on the way to Seattle - I won $145. 2. Space Needle 3. View from the top - amazing!
4. My 'sly' day drinking technique. Starbucks sleeve, anyone? 5. Seattle quarters, we got one made - met a guy who had them all. 6. Chihuly Glass museum
7. Our suite 8. Beer, lots of delicious beer. 9. View from our room, love it.

1. Starting the road trip off with Starbucks at 6:45am 2. At the top of the Space Needle. 3. Amanda photo-bombing me.
4. We failed at getting any of the glass in the shot. 5. Drinking at the top of the needle. 6. Trying to get the glass ceiling in the shot, didn't happen...
7. Amanda - I don't even know. 8. Andrea & I. Waiting in an alley to get into an underground bar, which we didn't go to.
9. Another massive fail. I cut out the glass tree.

Side note: We met up with our friends, Andrea & Zach, on Friday night to hit up some bars downtown. After leaving bar #1, we decided to pile into Zach's truck and drive to bar #2 where he'd park it for the night. Well, his truck is ridiculously high - when I opened the door to jump out of it, I literally just fell out. I now have a pretty bruise on my thigh, one on my knee, and one on my butt. I know how to keep it classy guys, I mean really.

Day Two

1. Woke up to the sun shining on my face while it was rising above the buildings. 2. Brunch at Lola's. I have no words to describe the amazingness. 3. Pike Place
4. Post Alley 5. Me - I swear I wasn't as pissed as I seem to appear. 6. We visited the house where Kurt Cobain lived when he died. This is the memorial bench next door.

We came back to Vancouver late in the day on Saturday. We actually stopped at the casino again (I swear, we're not gamblers... just wanted to push my luck). I cashed out at $75 so overall, I walked away with a nice chunk of money this weekend - no complaints here.


1. Homemade brunch in a skillet - sometimes I amaze myself with my cooking skills. 2. I had no idea that custom toilet seat covers existed...
3. Ended the night with wine, editing pictures, blogging, and sending e-mails.
Side-note: This is the most random collage, ever. My face is next to a toilet seat. Moving on...

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Cropped Stories said...

Hey there, I'm following you via bloglovin' :o) If you'd like to follow back, you can find me here:

jackie jade said...

fun weekend! i've never been to seattle before - looks like you guys had an awesome time. and great job with the casinos too! new follower from the bloglovin hop :)

Helene said...

oh i want to go to seattle! looks like you had so much fun!!

Allison Leighann. said...

Found you from the hop. (: Looks like you had an awesome weekend!

Faith Bowyer said...

I love Seattle! Every time I go I fall more and more in love with the city :)

Faith Bowyer said...

My weekend in Seattle was definitely awesome!
Thanks so much for stopping by! : )

Faith Bowyer said...

I love Seattle! If you ever have the chance to head to Seattle, you should definitely go.
I was so excited about my casino luck, haha I never usually win.
Thanks for stopping by : )

Faith Bowyer said...

I'll definitely follow you back. Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

aimymichelle said...

that was a great weekend. i live in seattle. so beautiful. now its kinda cloudy and stuff but i don't mind it.