Wednesday, April 17, 2013

More Energy Than 10 Energizer Bunnies

Happy Hump Day, my lovelies!

Wednesday is the day to get all humpty-dumpty. If you speak French, today is also known as: la jour du humpage.
I totally just impressed you with my bilingual skills, I know.

Yesterday I had a giggle fit at work. Honestly, this is totally common for me to find something funny, and then just giggle for an inappropriate amount of time. It happens; I'm just used to it, and I'm pretty sure my co-workers are used to it.


Without fail, I will start any giggle fit like this. It seems innocent, but this is when I know that my mood is instantly going to switch to OMGZ! - BOUNCING OFF THE WALLZ RITE NOW!!

This state of hyperness doesn't always come immediately, luckily for my co-workers. However, I know darn well that it's going to hit at some point, unluckily for my roommate - Amanda. Most of the time (at least 75% of the time), I have more energy than 10 Energizer Bunnies. Don't believe me? Ask anyone who has ever lived with me.

I have moments where I will make myself look bored:


But on the inside, the only thing I can think of doing is this:

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When I get home, I try to work off as much energy as I can... by having crazy dance parties (sometimes with Roscoe, our dog), running around the living room - waving my hands in the air, or as I recently started doing - going running.

If I don't have a way to use up my energy, this is the look I get from Amanda when she comes home from work to see me mid-dance party/ running around the living room. She calls me 'special' more often than I'd like to admit:


The most annoying thing is that this 'hyperness' usually hits about 5 minutes before bed time. Yesterday, was one of these days - which is why I'm bringing it up today. I need to get my butt healthy and fit in order to be able work-out longer and harder to try and get rid of more energy.
(So this is basically a reminder to myself to keep motivated and keep trying.)

Annnnnnnd since it's hump day, and I'm already hyper - let's get this dance party started.

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Helene said...

i am pretty hyper myself. and i am caught dancing in the mirror more often than not. we would get along.

Everythings Always Sunny said...

I literally laughed at every single one of these! Thanks for sharing!