Monday, April 29, 2013

Short and Sweet

Hey Blog land, I'm back!
Unfortunately, I had the pleasure of catching a nasty cold last Tuesday - making me out of commission since Wednesday. Fun, I know. I've been referring to this cold as 'The Plague', because it basically came out of nowhere and knocked me on my ass butt for days. Even as I write this, I'm still not feeling 100% - so this will be short.

This is an accurate depiction of me.

But today I'm not here to just moan and complain (and tomorrow we'll be back to our regularly scheduled program). Today I bring you a lovely GIVEAWAY that I'm participating in, thanks to the fabulous Rachel.

Postcards from Rachel April Giveaway
Postcards from Rachel: Blog, Inc. + NARS lipstick in any color
Northern Belle Diaries: $20 Northern Belle Designs credit
True Colours: 1 month medium ad space {200x150}
Living in Another Language: 2 months top ad space {200x200}
Hang on, Honey: $25 Target gift card
LB in Wonderland: 1 month "Explorer" ad space {200x150}
Found Love, Now What?: 2 months "Big Ben" ad space {200x200}
Sweet Silver Lining: 1 month VIP ad space {250x250}
Stay Blonde, Ski Local: $10 Target gift card
It's About the Journey: 1 month 125x125 ad space
'Cause You Gotta Have Faith: $15 Target gift card
Confessions of a Northern Belle: 1 month "Muffin" ad space {200x200}
Believing in Something: 1 month "Big Believer" ad space {200x200}
a Rafflecopter giveaway

That's all I've got today my loves. I hope you all have a fabulous Monday!


Helene said...

sorry you were sick!!!

Rachel said...

Thanks for posting! Hope you feel better soon! :)

alycia said...

Bummer you've been sick, it's definitely going around :( A $50 Target giftcards holds so many fabulous possibilities. I'd start with any household/personal/grocery necessities but be sure to treat myself to a new sundress, top or pair of shoes as well!