Monday, April 22, 2013

A Couple Weekend Shenanigans...

Happy Monday, friends.
I had a fabulous weekend, and I hope that you all enjoyed your weekends too. Linking up with Ms. Shenanigans, for some Weekend Shenanigans:

One. I chopped off 3 inches of hair.
Two. Friday Shenanigans w/ co-workers.
Three. Jennie & I aren't good at doing Taxi Chits while drunk in the back of a car.
Four. The most outrageous (but hilarious) ad that I've ever seen: A clean beaver always finds more wood.
Five. The weather was bi-polar this weekend, but I did my best to enjoy the sunny periods.
Six. Saturday night I grabbed dinner and drinks with some friends for Amanda's birthday. I love beer flights.
Seven. Sunday brunch next to this cute fire place.
Eight. Delicious, delicious brunch.
Nine. Me during a Sunday walk - soaking up some vitamin D.

Annnnd that about sums up my weekend.
I hope you all have a great start to your week.

Also, you should all check out this fabulous Bloglovin' link-up :)


Helene said...

Love the hair!! It looks so good!

Meghan said...

looks like a great weekend!

Night Owler said...

Hey there. Would love for you to join the blog hop. Please be sure to let your blogger friends know.

Christy Sidorova said...

Hey darling)
nice blog)loves it)

would you like to follow each other?)

xoxo Christy