Monday, April 8, 2013

Not so many weekend shenanigans

Happy Monday, lovelies!
I hope you all had a fantastic weekend.
Today I'm linking up with Sami for:

I had a pretty chill weekend! Relaxing: good food + good drinks + good friends = successful weekend.

One. Starbucks Iced Tea || Two. Pomegranate Mojito || Three. Sangria
Four. Goat Cheese, chicken, and green pepper pizza || Five. Calamari || Six. The most delicious chicken salad

I had drinks with my friend, Jennie, on Saturday night at her house. Drinking from a Super-Hero glass just seems like the right thing to do.

Jennie has two gorgeous cats. I tried to get a picture with Lexie, but she wasn't too sure about it. She kept smelling my hair and hiding behind the wall.

That's all I've got today, kiddos. Hope you all have a fabulous Monday!


Helene said...

pomegranate mojito?! and that pizza. gimme!

Whitney Ellen said...

I just love all of this. Especially that sangria. Looks sooooo nommy.

Sara Elizabeth said...

looove the Iron Man glass!

Faith Bowyer said...

The mojito was amazing and that pizza seriously was to die for. I want them both in my belly right now!

Faith Bowyer said...

Come visit and we'll sit on the patio allllll day drinking that sangria. It was seriously the best, ever.

Faith Bowyer said...

Me too! She wouldn't let me take the glass home though. So rude, haha.

Meagan said...

I WANT that pizza - goat cheese is my weakness!!

Steph Gregerson said...

That pizza looks so good - not as good as the cocktails though. Happy Monday!

aimymichelle said...

was that just regular iced tea?