Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Oh The Weather Outside Is Frightful..

Happy Tuesday, dear blog world.

As most if you know by now, from reading his guest blog posts, that my dad was a meteorologist for 30+ years. I say was, because he recently retired... that lucky duck.

Growing up in a household with a meteorologist I was brain washed told that any forecast that didn't come from Environment Canada was wrong. To me, 'The Weather Network' sucks - but I suppose I have my opinion is bias.

Because I'm such a weirdo, I will often compare various forecasts to Environment Canada's forecast just to see f they were 'close' or see if I can trust what their forecast says. They're usually 'pretty' close but just for piece of mind (and so that I'm not disowned by my dad) I will always reference EC's website.

At work we have this webpage that basically works like 'intranet' meaning its only for internal use in the company. It's called the Portal and it's where all of our documents/files are kept. On the Portal's homepage they have the top new articles, stock info, and (as I'm sure you've guessed) the weather...

This lovely little weather widget is run by a company called 'Accu-Weather'. Oh my goodness. Their forecasts, oh, their forecasts. They are horrible. But horribly funny - so it's fine.

Over the past couple of months, I've taken screen caps of a few forecasts that I've found slightly amusing. Oh, in case you're wondering, I'm not the only one at work who has noticed how outrageous these forecasts are.

'Breezy with rain' - so helpful.
'Cloudy with a little rain' - so should I just bring a little umbrella?
'Mostly cloudy, rain ending' - when is the rain ending? Will I need my umbrella at 4:00pm when I'm off work?
Yep, these are legit forecasts. Not so bad, but okay... we'll look at some more.

'Mostly cloudy, showers around' - What does this even mean?!
Also, note that they use the same icon for 'Clear and Chilly', 'Partly Cloudy', and 'Mainly Clear'.

'A Passing Shower or Two' - what does that even mean? How long does one shower last? Can I really expect there to be "two" showers?
'Most cloudy, showers around' - we've already covered how I felt about this one.
'Clouds breaking' - looks like it's still raining to me...

'Partly Cloudy with a Shower' - okay, just one shower? Umbrella? or just a jacket with a hood?
'Partly Cloudy' - Looks partly sunny to me.

'Partly Cloudy' - Uh, if it's just cloudy, why is it raining in the picture?
'A Stray Evening Shower' - Okay, so it's a "stray" shower? Does that mean it doesn't have a home?
'Cloudy With Rain Tapering Off' - Tapering off? Okay..

'Occasional rain and drizzle' - Okay, so this must call for an 'occasional' umbrella - right?

'A Shower Early; Partly Cloudy' - A shower early? Early in the morning? Early afternoon? Early evening?
'Becoming Cloudy' - Uh, okay... when? When is it Becoming Cloudy.
'Cloudy with a Little Rain' - How much is a little rain? How much cloud do I have before the rain starts?

Okay, so maybe I'm a little crazy for posting so many screenshots - but this is what I read at work every day, it makes me laugh. When I first showed these pictures to my roommate, she suggested that the forecast was being done by a 70-year old man sitting on his front porch, looking at the sky. Yep, Amanda, that sounds about right to me. Haha.

Also, in other news. For the month of May, I've decided to join this team in losing weight:

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Haha showers around?! what is that?! Super helpful...