Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Five Jobs I Wanted When I Was Younger

Happy hump day my loves!

Yesterday when I was on the bus I was thinking (what else am I going to do?) about jobs. Dream jobs specifically. I saw an ad on the bus for a placement agency. Which then made me think about how I never in a million years would've pictured my life, as it is now. Don't get me wrong, I'm pretty happy with my life and I'm excited to see where I'll go from here. I'm a huge fan of change and I'm used to the idea of not getting to accustomed to any 'one' lifestyle. So in 5 years? Maybe I'll be somewhere completely different., doing something entirely foreign/new to me.

Anyway, I got insanely sidetracked. The whole point of this was to name 5 'Dream' jobs that I thought I'd have when I got older. Basically these are my Top 5 jobs that I'd tell people I wanted 'when I grow up'.

  • Rock Star/Celebrity

    I was and still am certain that I'd be famous. You know, more than I already am:

    I thought that I'd be a singer, for sure. But if that didn't pan out, I'd be a reality star.

  • Cashier

    I had big dreams, guys. I legit wanted to be a cashier so badly - for one reason: I loved buttons. I just loved pushing buttons, any and all buttons of any shape/size/color. If it was a button, I needed to push it. Also, I loved money. Duh.

  • Veterinarian

    This dream only last a month or two. I loved animals and wanted to help them, but as soon as I found out that I'd have to deal with sick animals and 'put down' the really sick animals, I threw that thought right out the window.

  • Doctor

    I wanted to be a doctor from the time I was 5 until I was 17. Actually, I thought for sure that I would be a doctor. But all of that changed in Grade 12. I won't elaborate on that today - we can save it for a rainy day.

  • A Princess

    Haha, okay not exactly kidding. No, but seriously - after I saw 'The Princess Diaries', I asked my grandparents if they were secret Kings & Queens from another country. Sadly, no. I won't be a princess any time soon.
    Except that iTunes, Aeroplan, and my Safeway membership all refer to me as:
    Dr. Princess Faith Alexandra.

Have a fabulous hump day, everyone : )


Meghan said...

So I totally wanted to be Shania Twain when I was 5.

I'm a cashier/service desk associate at walmart & yes I love pushing buttons. I'm 21.

& I love that your Itunes, AeroPlan & Safeway all refer to you as Dr. Princess Faith Alexandra, not only are you a princess, buy you are also a doctor, whoa! Dream big!

Stephanie said...

Haha I really wanted to be a princess too, I kept telling my mom we should move to England so I could marry one of the brothers (see how well it worked for Kate mom? Seriously.)
I gave up on the Vet dream for the same reason!

Rachel said...

I wanted to be a vet too! And a meteorologist/storm chaser. I love hearing about people's random childhood dreams. ;)

Helene said...

i wanted to be famous. didn't care how. oh how wrong I was. haha

Staci said...

Hahaha I really wanted to be a mailman. I have no idea why. I had a Barbie who was a postal worker & I was obsessed.

Erin Gray said...

Haha this is too cute! "I loved buttons". I did too. Used to have a fake toy cashier when I was little and my brother could never ring me up.

Lauren @ This Life said...

Ohh... I still dream of being a rock star.

The only thing I really lack is talent ;)