Friday, May 17, 2013

Yeah, Me Neither..

TGIF Friends

A few days ago in blogland, the lovely Stephanie posted this: Yeah Me Neither
As soon as I read this post, I knew that I wanted to steal her idea make my own list.
So yeah, me neither...

do you ever...

  • have a dance party alone in your room every day?

  • think it's perfectly acceptable to listen to the same song about 20x in one day?

  • trip over a curb but continue to walk as if you didn't just stumble?

  • run up the basement stairs as fast as you can (in case there's someone chasing you)?

  • think it's okay to eat a spoonful of peanut butter sometimes?

  • avoid walking and drinking at the same time, because you know that your drink is going to spill when you try to take a sip?

  • break out in full song and dance... just cause you can?

  • think that laughing for an hour and a half on skype with your family is considered a good enough workout?

  • check behind the shower curtain (even in friends houses) just to make sure there's no murderer?

  • eat a piece of pizza or have ice cream even though you're lactose-intolerant?

..Yeah, me neither.

Guys, it's Friday...


Let me just get right to the good stuff... today, I'm gonna #backthatazzup to this sweet jam.

Gah, I love me some oldschool Mac Miller sometimes. This makes me want to party. TGIF.

03 Party On Fifth Ave. (Clean) by Mac Miller on Grooveshark


Stephanie said...

Hahaha! Nope, I never do anything of these things. Not one of them. I certainly didn't listen to the same song on repeat while I walked 25 minutes to work...

Steph G said...

Basement stairs - YES. I mean, me neither.

Rachel said...

Love this list!! I need to make one of these too! Oh, and I don't check behind the shower curtains either...nope. Not at all! :)