Friday, May 10, 2013

#backthatazzup #mothersdayedition

Happy Friday, loves.

I would like to dedicate today to Mother's Day. I love my mamabear and wanted to take some time to ask her a few questions. Here we go...


She's going to kill me for posting this, haha.

Thanks for being such a good sport and agreeing to participate today, mama. <3

1• Am I your favourite child? Okay, trick question - I know that you love me more than you love Christian... but it might be nice to hear you say it.

Well darling - you are definitely my favourite daughter!! No other daughter compares to you. I love you to bits!


2• What was your favourite Mother's Day gift you've ever received? Was it from me or was it from Christian?

hmmmmm - the most useful was the year that you and Christian gave me two small rolling suitcases - Dad and I still use them all the time.
Also, I loved the flowers you gave me one year.
But, my favourite is just having you around to have dinner with - I miss that.

3• How do you feel about the nicknames that I've given you over the years? Which one has been your favourite?

I love my nicknames - they make me feel special and loved - I think Mumbellina is my favourite followed closely by Mamabear and Mumbleberry pie!
Yeah, I come up with some weird nicknames for her...

4• Apart from October 1st, 1988 (the day I was born), what has been the best day of your life?

I would have to say the day I married Dad... Of course October 1st, 1988 and June 11, 1986 come a close second!

5• If you could only eat ONE food for the rest of your life - what would it be?

Steak - or chocolate lol! It would be hard to eat the steak without mushrooms and onions though. Hmmm - maybe on second thought I will have to stick with chocolate. After all, it IS a vegetable!

6• You just won a $20,000,000 lotto jackpot - what's your first purchase?

YAY - I won money!!
My first purchase would be cruise tickets for everyone in the family (it would be a long cruise around the world).


7• If you had the chance to be 24 again and get a 'do-over', what would you do differently?

I'm not sure I would want a "do-over" but I would maybe pursue a career in counselling. However, I am happy with how things turned out - if I had continued school I wouldn't have met Dad and I wouldn't have the two most wonderful children in the world!

8• What's your best piece of life advice that you'd like to share with the blog-world?

Don't put off things you want to do - spend time with the people you love - cherish each moment of life God gives you and remember to thank Him for it.

9• Will you share a random fact about yourself that nobody (who reads my blog) would know? Bonus points if it's something that I don't know.

You know we don't have any video footage of your birth but we have some great footage of your conception...hahaha!
OMG - mom! You know people who read this blog...

This is my pay back for that comment...

10• What would be your ideal way to spend Mother's Day?

Surrounded by my children eating steak and chocolate - duh!!

11• Tell me a joke. Not a question, but I am in need of a good laugh!

Knock, knock

13• Describe me in 5 words.

Faith has the most incredible... (oops, ran out of words)
Low blow, mom...

14• Did you even notice that I skipped #12? I bet you just went back to look...

Oh, Faith! Did you think it was April 1st again?
Haha... you caught me

15• Every Friday I link-up with my homegirl, Whitney, for something called #backthatazzupFriday - since you're my guest today, will you please select today's song?

Bennie and the Jets by Elton John on Grooveshark

My musical tastes have always been eclectic. I loved Harry Chapin (his bananas song), Elton John, Chris DeBurgh, Patricia the stripper (LOL), and also Queen (Bohemian Rhapsody)... mama is a little weird!
Does 'mama' talk to herself in third person often?

16• Any final thoughts? Words? Comments? Jokes? Any words of wisdom?

I will leave you with the advice of Dr. Sidney Freedman:
Ladies and Gentlemen, take my advice - Pull down your pants and slide on the ice!


Well, I guess that's all she wrote... literally.

Happy Mother's Day to all of you lovely mother's. Also, don't forget to wish your mom a Happy day!


Meghan said...

That is awesome! I may have to steal your idea!

Erin said...

This. Is. Amazing. I'm dying over number nine. What a cute thing to do for Mother's Day. I might have to steal it :)

Stephanie said...

These are so cute!! 9 and 13, too hilarious!

Stephanie said...

Your mom sounds awesome! :)