Monday, May 20, 2013

There ain't no party like an S-Club party

Happy Monday, friends!
I'm a little late to the party today because it's a Canadian Stat-Holiday today... which means no work. Which means I slept in and had a lazy morning. Even though I'm late to the party, it's better late than never. For some reason when I just typed that I'm 'late for the party' it reminded me of S Club 7.

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No? I'm the only one?

Today's post will be brief and I'm just going to post pictures to summarize my weekend... because who doesn't like pictures?
Before I get to the pictures though, I just want to say that this is my 100th blog post. Holy moly. I started this little blog in December and only planned on using it for the month of December to chronicle my lame little Christmas jokes. I didn't expect to continue blogging once that was over, but here I am. One hundred blog posts later. I know that's not a big deal or anything... but I'm going to let myself have a moment of happiness about this. If i had a trampoline in my backyard right now, I'd honestly probably do an S Club 7 'S' in the air:

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Don't try and tell me that you don't didn't want to do this on a trampoline when you were a kid.

Obviously I'm going to link-up with Sami today:

weeeeeekend One. Amanda and I saw Star Trek on Friday night. It was amazing, and I looove me some Chris Pine.
Two. I'm the best at taking selfie's. You should be jealous.
Three. Amanda and I were shopping in East Van and passed this Korean BBQ place. BBQ duck, anyone?
Four. Strawberries and bananas are the best dessert.
Five & Six. We had so much gorgeous sunshine, I had to take advantage of it.
Seven. FaceTiming with my brother - he'll kill me if he ever reads this blog and sees this.
Eight. I'm lactose intolerant, so this is my version of a grilled cheese. Goat cheese, avocado and a piece of turkey bacon.
Nine. More FaceTime with Christian, Mackenzie, and Ashley. I love my family. That is all.


Stephanie said...

LOL at your brother, that totally looks like something mine would do!

mackyton said...

Hey! Congratulations on your 100th blog. I really like your blogs, they are sometimes very much relatable to my life. And yes, I love jumping on a trampoline and making a magic wand kind of a moment. Last week my friends and I went to an event space and had super fun jumping and dancing on a trampoline.