Friday, May 24, 2013

10 Reasons Why The Backstreet Boys Rock...

Guys, Guys, Guys...

After I wrote yesterday's blog post about 8 Things that I learned from O-Town, I received an e-mail from my dad. He didn't think that my O-Town list was good enough, and he was insulted that I didn't talk about BSB.
Geez, Dad, I'm so sorry that you're upset about my choice.
I had no idea that you had an opinion about which boy band from my childhood was better.

Guys, I have no other words... I'll just leave this to my dad:

I now know that this is the kind of thing that dad will say to my kids.


10 Reasons Why the Backstreet Boys Rock … like nobody else

OK, since my daughter wrote her very disturbing blog about O-Town, I'd like respond by sharing my top-ten reasons why BSB (Backstreet Boys to those less ignorant) make O-Town look like a bunch of dweebs
(Dad, I don't think anyone says dweebs anymore):
FYI, Dad numbered these himself

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1. 10. They are the original O-Town band … and were so a full 7 years before those wanna-bees called O-Town.

2. 9. They are the MOST successful boy-band in history … data to justify this? 130 million albums …. But really, they’re a vocal harmony band first, the boy-thing was just a passing stage while they actually just happened to be BOYS.

3. 8. A.J., aka, “Bone” … nuff said (Whaaat? Dad, who told you his nickname is Bone?)

4. 7. Collectively, they are the love child of Boyz-II-Men and New Kids on the Block …. You gottta love great lineage (hey, the horserace industry says that the 3 most important things are: pedigree – pegdigree – pedigree). Just saying

5. 6. The Unbreakable Tour …. Absolutely the best tour of any musician in human history (well, there was this one English minstrel in the 13th century, but let’s keep it current). (Good job on the random fact, dad. I like it.)

6. 5. NKOTBSB … the coolest acronym ever. (hahaha)

7. 4. They are secretly adored by Queen Elizabeth, Piers Morgan and Jim Belushi (I know because I’m part of a very exclusive fan club of famous people who love them). (Why am I just hearing about this now?)

8. 3. 20 years and going strong.

9. 2. I Want it that Way … seriously, can ANYBODY listen to this song and not feel driven to flick your bic and hold it high while you sway.

10. 1. Everybody …. Could be the national anthem for any music savvy nation. (I'm legitimately at a loss for words here.)

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Since dad seems to have such a huge love for Everybody, that is what we are going to #backthatazzup with the fabulous Ms. Whitney today for some #backthatazzupFriday

Everybody (Backstreet's Back) by Backstreet Boys on Grooveshark


JillianBlackman said...

Hilarious. My dad also really enjoyed the Backstreet Boys. Or maybe I just played them so much and was so obsessed he had no choice but to like them otherwise he would have gone insane.

Chloe said...

I still like N*SYNC the best but your dad did have a point about Everybody. That was a great song! Cute post. Found you through the link up.

Brittany Lea said...

Faith can you please tell your dad he is basically my idol!

Great great post!!

Antonia R. said...

My dad, being the jokester he is, "rewrote" I Want It That Way to be Land Before Time themed. I can't listen to it to this day without dying of laughing. lol

Helene said...

this makes me want to go back to middle school...soooo bad.

Stephanie said...

Ohhh your dad is hilarious!

Lisa said...

Love this and so very true! i am a huge BSB fan!

Kim @ Slice of Life said...

omg this is incredible! just saw you on erin's blog and i click over here and this is the first post i see?? KTBSPA!! hahaha

Lisa said...

Your dad is AWESOME!!! Love me some NKOTBSB and saw them in concert a few years ago! My dad has no clue who O-Town, BSB or any of them!