Tuesday, May 14, 2013

42 Reasons Why I Hate Siri...

Happy Tuesday, lovelies!

I wasn't around these parts yesterday due to the fact that I had no internet on Sunday night or Monday morning. Boo. Our router is in our landlord's office (I'm in a basement apartment), so I couldn't restart it and our landlords weren't around... Amanda and I were too lazy to go outside in the rain and upstairs to get our landlord to reset the router. Hahaha... seriously though.

So, since I didn't have any internet on Sunday night, I ended up going to bed early. But, I couldn't fall asleep because it was so early. So I decided to start a conversation with Siri. Don't hate Okay, even I kinda hate me for this one.

What I learned while talking to Siri is that she's kind of a jerk. She has selective hearing reading and ignores parts of my sentences. She keeps trolling me by calling me Christian (which is my brothers name). Oh, and my favorite: she said I'm fat.

I lied in the Title, I don't have 42 reasons why I hate Siri. But, I do have:

5 Reasons that I hate Love to Hate Siri

  • She's useful.
  • Sometimes, I love Siri. She's useful in situations like this:


  • She's funny. Sometimes.
  • Most of the time, she won't tell me jokes, but this time was different. She Siri-ously pulled out all of the stops for this one...



  • She Sings (And she knows The Wizard of Oz).
  • The fact that she actually sang to me was amazing. PLUS, the fact that she sang If I only had a brain from The Wizard of Oz. I officially don't hate Siri anymore.


    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    I imagine Siri, singing and dancing exactly like this, in her own little iPhone world.

  • She 'Trolls' Me.
  • Not cool, Siri. Stop calling me Christian.
    My name is Faith. F - A - I - T - H. Faith.
    Please stop calling me Christian. I might be back to hating you again, Siri...


    Haha, very funny...


    Just shut up and do it. Please.


    This one actually made me laugh. Just call me "Faith" from now on...


    I might have resorted to name calling...

  • She called me fat.
  • Okay, to be fair - I asked why I was fat. But she could've been nicer with her response.
    Maybe Siri's harsh judgement can serve as motivation for me to lose weight.
    just kidding.


    After writing this blog post - I have realized that perhaps I need to reassess my life choices. Oh well.


Kristin said...

Hahaha. This is hilarious!! I don't have Siri but I used to have one on my old phone that was a silly app. She said some cray things!!!


Patricia Baret said...

This is great! I wish they had an app like this for the android systems!

RitaMarie said...

Haha! Great post! I love Siri. She entertains me.

Cortney said...

Not even kidding I was going to do a post about my love/hate relationship with my phone with a special letter in it for Siri telling her all the reasons why I don't like her and find her useless. Love this!

Jessica Lynn Martin said...

sooooo funnny!! I literally laughed out loud when you asked Siri to tell you joke and she said :Get Siri-ous! too good.

Brittany Lea said...

Haha me and Erica had a chat with Siri on Thursday night it was pretty entertaining! :)

Stephanie said...

HAHAHAHAHA I need Siri!!!

Leslie said...

Hahaha Siri. When I ask mine what my name is she says "your name is Andrew but since we're friends I get to call you Leslie" thanks to my little brother.

Kristen said...

This post is hilarious! Seriously, I just laughed out loud at work. If people didn't think I was crazy enough already...

Meghan said...

haha. Siri and I also have a love/hate relationship.

Stephanie said...

Oh Siri! My fiancé has her on his phone and we've asked her a lot of ridiculous questions :)

Rachel said...

haha this is too funny! I completely agree that Siri has selective reading and sometimes her responses aren't exactly what you were expecting!