Monday, July 15, 2013

Vodka is my cheat meal

Happy Monday!
(Said no-one, ever.)

It was another fabulous weekend in my world. I definitely cheated big time this weekend and you can just say that my cheat meal of choice was vodka. If you follow me on twitter or Instagram, then you might have seen the many pictures and random tweets on Saturday night and Sunday morning.
Sorry about that.

My weekend consisted of: BBQ with friends, sunset on the beach, two delicious brunches, dinner and drinks on the patio, far too much vodka, working out, and ended the weekend with Despicable Me 2.

Here's what my weekend looked like.

    1. Friday night drinks.
    2. Amanda is really good with animals. They clearly love her.
    3. BBQ deliciousness.
    4. Selfie.
    5. Drunk Selfie. Everything tastes better in a Superman glass.
    6. Drunk Selfie... indulging in ice cream at 2am, despite being lactose intolerant. Oops.
    7. Jennie playing with the cats, at 2 or 3am..
    8. Sunset on the beach with friends.
    9. One of Jennie's cats - Lexi.

Lets get this Monday thing started.


Anonymous said...

Drunk selfies are fun :) Sounds like a good weekend!

Brittany Lea said...

Vodka never a bad cheat meal!

Morgan Rae said...

Don't feel bad, vodka is my cheat meal too.. Totally worth it though!