Wednesday, July 17, 2013

What happens in Canada, STAYS in Canada

Oh hiiii everyone. Sorry I'm super late to the party today, but I had zero ambition to write anything. But I have a good excuse..

See what had happened was... I injured my back pretty badly in last night's workout. So much so, that I complained to Allie and Juliette about it and made them feel sorry for me. So much so, that Allie agreed to write today's post so that I wouldn't have to - thanks girl.
I'm going to stop rambling and let Allie take it away....


So I've decided something. Either I cave really easily to peer pressure or I just will jump at the chance to make myself look really stupid to the entire world. Neither one is really a good habit, so I'll just let you decide. Speaking of peer pressure, I'm here today because the Queen B of this blog made me do it. And I come through for my friends, just FYI.

Maybe I should back up and introduce myself. PS another thing you should know is I will never miss the opportunity to talk about me. I think it's one of my better qualities actually. You can normally find me over at Tales of a Twenty Something, but I'm not there today, so go visit me tomorrow. Much like Faithykins I talk about online dating. And that will be the hot topic around those parts tomorrow. Oh and hey, that's me down there in case you were wondering.

Okay back on topic. The next thing you should know is that I live in "The States" as Faithy refers to them. She's in Canada, just in case you missed that little memo. You should also know that tons and tons and tons of random things go through my mind on a daily basis. Especially things about different countries, see: Canada.

So when Faith practically begged me to fill in for her today, I knew that was just the ticket. I'm going to share all the things that me and Jilly Bean wonder about Canada and all other countries for that matter, but specifically Canada because Faith can answer them for us. Please don't think we are dumb. We are just curious.

1. Can Canadians text those of us in America or is there some crazy cost?
I promise Juliette and I questioned this when we all decided to take the blogger plunge and group text. I mean. Shouldn't it be really expensive? Apparently not. Well since we all have iPhones.
iMessage for the win.

2. Do they have regular bacon or only Canadian bacon?
This was a concern of Juliette's. Which I fully support. I mean it's a valid concern. It's named CANADIAN bacon after all. But contrary to popular belief, they have the good bacon too.

3. Do they drive on the right or left side of the road?
I'm pretty sure they drive on the right side. I only know this because my parents recently went to Niagara Falls and they rented a car. And I know my mom is too much of a spazz to be able to drive on the left side of the road.

Uhh seriously, Allie? RIGHT SIDE OF THE ROAD.

4. Why do they add "u" to words like Favorite and Color?
I mean why? Most people are aiming to remove  few letters... but nope. Not these Canadians. They want to ADD a letter. and the last letter of the alphabet is pronounced ZED, not ZEE. Think about that for a minute.

We speak English, as in ENGLAND.. you know, the proper way.

5. Do they have McDonalds? Or Chick Fil A, especially Chick Fil A?
This has always been a concern of mine. And the main reason I haven't been to a foreign country yet. I mean besides the money. But really. Do they have restaurants like that?

No Chick Fil A, I've never even tried it..

6. Is their telephone number seven digits like ours or does it have some letters thrown in there too?
Case in point. Is there telephone number 555-5555 or is it like 5A61Z?

How would you even call a letter number?

7. What do Canadians call those of us that live in America?
This is kind of a silly question, or at least I do. Cause obviously they call us Americans... like we call them Canadians right? WRONG. 

8. Are their electrical outlets the same?
Taking it back to that movie Just Married with Ashton Kutcher and Brittany Murphy, bless her soul. They went somewhere in Europe and he burnt the hotel because their outlets were different.

That's Europe, we are in "North AMERICA". Same outlets.

9. How do you eat Thanksgiving dinner in October instead of November? And what about all the other holidays? Are they on different days too? You do have Christmas right?

What's Christmas?
Forget everything I said until the last question. I mean please, please, please tell me you have Christmas?

10. Do they like being on top?
Totes inappropriate, but I don't care. I'm from North Carolina and we get picked on all the time about being "on top" of South Carolina... I mean Canada is on top of a entire country. So obviously, they like being on top. Hope that doesn't lead some weirdo to your page Faithykins.

Short answer - yes.
Long answer - too inappropriate.
Okay maybe I did it on purpose and hope it does, but whatever.
Thanks for being lazy today and letting me introduce the hot mess that is TOATS to your friends.


I hope y'all loved this post as much as I did. If you didn't, then you're high. That is all.


Jay T said...

HOW has no one commented on this yet?? It's brilliant! And I AM just saying that because I'm in it and I like you two. Just kidding. Sort of.

Leslie said...

Hahahaha this is great. I dated someone from Montreal (well he was Belgian but living in Montreal) and I asked him every. single. one. of these questions! Oops?

Suzanne said...

AHAHAHAHAHA! I love it! (Yes, I'm Canadian too.)

What is Christmas?