Monday, July 22, 2013

5 Embarassing Things I Did As A Child

Happy Monday lovelies!

I'm off gallivanting in Nova Scotia all week. As a result, I won't be around these blog parts but I have some amazing and hilarious bloggers covering for me. I'm starting this week off with one of my favorite bloggers, Stephanie. She has a ridiculously cute dog, she might be able to out-drink me (maybe), and writes amazing lists that I can always relate to. I'll stop wasting your time and let Stephanie take it away!


hey there faith fans!  i'm stephanie and i blog at bourbon and glitter and i'm filling in for faith today while she's out of town.  please, try to hide your disappointment.  now, i'd like to think you want to know all about me and my blog but i've been around long enough to know that you just...don't.  so instead, i'm going to tell you about

5 embarrassing things i did as a child.

1. ate dog treats.  for real though, they taste like jerky.  dogs don't know it's not bacon?  well neither did 6 year old stephanie.

2. ran away from home to sit at the park.  like my parents would be worried about me in lincolnwood.    it's basically mayberry minus the sweet tea.  also, i just left.  as if i was just going to a friends house on my bike, like i always did.  i didn't leave a note or throw a tantrum when i left.  or take anything.  i just left, and then got confused when i came home and they didn't notice i 'ran away.'

3. dug through the garbage to find my retainer at school.  my mother threatened me if i lost one more retainer so i freaked when i threw it out with my lunch tray.  i made my best friend amanda spend the next two class periods digging through school garbage with me to find it.  found it, refused to put it in my mouth ever again anyway.

4. i wouldn't play with other kids.  this was a total ocd move on my part, but i had to look like the strangest child ever.  i would stand with my teacher during recess, every day of kindergarten, in my adorable dresses and refuse to play with the other kids on the playground equipment "because it was dirty."  also i have straight up never finger painted in my life.  ew.

5. assumed anyone with short hair was a boy.  i insisted that i had a friend in daycare that was a boy named elizabeth.  uh no, baby stephanie.  just because every girl does not have hair down to their ass like you do, does not make them a boy.

you're welcome.  i'm just hoping i'm not the only one...  anyway, maybe you'll come visit me now, maybe even to read the 7 things you should be afraid of, but if not, i hope you enjoyed the embarrassing moments from my life!  thanks for having me faith!

Thanks so much for agreeing to cover for me today, Stephanie! I laughed so hard when I read this list, and I knew it was going to be a good one for blog.

p.s. you don't want to miss tomorrow, it may or may not be about procrastination, which is something that I STRUGGLE with.


B Dav said...

That is hilarious.
I tried running away once but my parents saw my brother and I through the kitchen window... so... we didn't get far.

Kelly {Sparkles and Shoes} said...

People thought I was a boy too!

Sparkles and Shoes