Thursday, July 4, 2013



As I'm sure you are all aware by now, my name is Faith. It's an easy name to read, any easy name to spell, but apparently it's the hardest name to understand. I love my name. I honestly think that my parents gave me a beautiful name and I wouldn't change it (I know that might sound narcissistic). However, there have definitely been a few hiccups... Let me elaborate.

Part of my job, every day, is to answer phones. 90% of the time the calls are easy, or at least manageable. The other 10% of the time I get to handle completely outrageous people. Yesterday I got to experience one of these delightful individuals. Long story short: he was a jackass. (Sorry for cursing, mom).

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No ifs, ands, or buts about it. He was a complete jerk. During this conversation, he insisted on getting my name so that he could use it to complain if his issue wasn't resolved in a timely fashion. This is where the whole name thing comes into play. This is actually how the conversation went, and all of my colleagues in my department can vouch for this.

Jerk: what's your name?
Me: Faith. F-A-I-T-H
Jerk: what?
Me: Faith.
Jerk: I cannot hear you.
Me: No. Faith. F as in foxtrot. A as in alpha..
Me: *deep breath* F as in foxtrot, or Frank. F, NOT S. F-A-I-T-H.
Jerk: F-A-I-C-E?
Me: Sir, that's close enough.

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Was that conversation hard to read and ridiculously frustrating? Imagine HAVING that conversation, or being one of my unfortunate colleagues who has to listen to these types of conversations, on the regular.

For some reason, people just do NOT understand the name Faith. Period.

It's really weird to me, actually. It seems like a 'normal' name to me, but I go through this all. the. time. People literally just don't understand my name over the phone. These are some of the random names that I've been called (not kidding): Faye, Faife, Keith (apparently I sound like a man), Stacy, Kaitlyn, Saith, and Face.

Annnnnd I'm done rambling.


Breenah said...

Since I didn't experience it, it's kind of funny to me. Especially because he pretty much thought your name was Face. Maybe it's because the "th" sounds weird over the phone? I don't know.

I get every other -ina name in existence, especially Serena. It's Sabrina. There were two movies and a tv show, c'mon.

Britni LifeWithMHB said...

Hi! I'm a new follower - Happy 4th to you! :)
I worked at a call center during a "transition" period between college & my job - it was horrible! We took calls for a military bank and had to use the phonetic alphabet daily! I still just it in everyday jargon.

Steph G said...

I feel your pain. My full name is Stephanie, but I've always gone by Steph - people do NOT get that over the phone. Mostly it's Beth, Seth, Jess... ridiculous.

Jess Elyse said...

Kaitlyn?? How the heck do they get Kaityln from Faith?? haha Wow, some people.

I'm Jessica, but pretty much always go by Jess. And people call me Jenn all the time. I guess it's acceptable. ha

Haley said...

Oh my goodness!! My name is Haley, again fairly standard.... I get Amy, understandable..sounds kind of like Haley. But the best I've gotten, MORE THAN ONCE, is Kiwi... Who would name their kid Kiwi and WHY would Kiwi be a guess before Haley!!?? LOL. I sooooo feel your frustration!!

Lisa said...

I can totally relate.. Except I have to spell my last name. T R A P A N I ~ Usually I just give them my ID number it is easier

Marisa H. said...

I am right there with you! I am a nurse so of course everyone wants to know my name - which is Marisa. Mar-ee-sa. (I blame my mother) I get Mariiisssa all the time and usually just go with it - so much easier then repeating it to my already hard of hearing patients.

Chelsea said...

oh my gosh!!!!!!!!! That's so frustrating! That's like my last name. NO ONE can pronounce it. It's Thom. With a long "o". It's not Tom or ThAHm. And certainly not Thumb. What is wrong with people? ;)

Helene said...

Oh girl, I have had to deal with my fair share of this. It's the worst!!!! People are so dumb, that's all there is to it.

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