Friday, June 14, 2013

Princess Peter Would Like To Share Some Thoughts

Happy Friday, friends!

This weekend is Father's Day - so I hope everyone squeezes their daddy a little extra tight this weekend. I can't be with my dad in person this weekend, so I'm sending all of the virtual love in the world his way.
My father, Peter, is one of the most amazing people in the world. I can honestly say that I am truly blessed to have someone like him in my life. I hope that my future husband is as amazing (as my dad) to our kids... if we have kids.

In May, I had a guest blog (Q&A) from my mom for Mother's Day. I e-mailed a bunch of questions to my mom and asked her to answer them for my blog. Immediately after I e-mailed her, I got an e-mail from dad asking if he was going to get to answer questions for Father's Day. Therefore, because Princess Peter asked so politely if he could be a guest, I decided to ask him the exact same questions.

This was taken at my prom in 2006. I'm totally a daddy's little girl.

If you've been around for my blog for a little while, you will probably remember some of dad's past guest posts. If you're new, this is what you've missed out on. Some of my most popular posts (seriously) are written by my dad.


1• Am I your favourite child?
Okay, trick question - I know that you love me more than you love Christian... but it might be nice to hear you say it.
Deb and I decided a long time ago that we should each have a different favourite child, that way it balances the love and discipline. I know it’s kinda feng shui but we’re comfortable with that.

2• What was your favourite Father's Day gift you've ever received? Was it from me or was it from Christian?
It’s a tie - One was the pen holder that you made for me out of toilet paper and paper towel rolls (at school or Sunday school – don’t remember). I’d show you a picture but it’s still packed away during our renovations - I still use it after about 20 years on my desk. The other was the first year the family agreed to simply let me sit and watch the entire final round of the US Open Golf tournament, while having burgers and fries for supper (no formal gifts or dinner … just 8 straight hours of TV golf).
You are kind a party animal dad. 8 hours of golf - you know how to get CRAZY!

3• Are you jealous of the nicknames that I have for mom? I've only ever called you daddy/dad, are you okay with this?
No. Yes.

As far as I'm concerned, the middle picture is the creepiest picture - ever. Thanks for the face-swap, Ashley.

4• Apart from October 1st, 1988 (the day I was born), what has been the best day of your life?
Sounds like you want me to distinguish between “important” and “emotionally satisfying.” Otherwise, I’d have to pick Feb. 28, 1955, without which the rest of them wouldn't be possible.
In terms of best I’ll have to throw out 10 awesome days (I’m more comfortable with comparatives than superlatives):
You're so particular with your posts, Princess Peter.

  • April 10, 1981… 1st date with Deb (more than our marriage day even)
  • June 11, 1986 … 1st time I held my own offspring
  • 1977 (forget the date) …1st time I spoke in front of people and didn't need to puke
  • 1975 (forget the date)… the day I realized there was a God and I could actually know Him
  • Day 3 of the 1st cruise with Deb (2005) … details withheld for reasons of modesty
  • February7, 1976 … for reasons beyond Darryl Sittler’s 10 point game … again, more modesty
  • April 30, 2008 … day I gave 2 back-to-back talks at an AMS Hurricane Conference and won “most entertaining talk” award (for the sickos out there who would actually like to hear the talks … each about 15 minutes…. I’ll put the links at the end. Be afraid).
  • March 15-21, 1993 … every one of those days were amazing because it was our 1st family Disney trip
  • Oct 1, 2009 … the day I realized that my career had formally shifted in my area of passion
  • April 3, 1975 … following a 3-month Atkins fast, I had toast.

5• If you could only eat ONE food for the rest of your life - what would it be?
See my last bullet in question 4. Just add PB+J … with a glass of milk

6• You just won a $20,000,000 lotto jackpot - what's your first purchase?
After giving ¼ of it to God and another ¼ to people that I personally know who could be blessed by it … my first purchase would be flights and hotels (etc.) to whichever destination Deb wanted to go for a blow-out trip. Either that or a 3rd juggling ball (I lost one of the three last year during a workshop).
Mom immediately started planning her dream vacation, and you immediately start planning who you'd give money to. That's pretty admirable.
Mom, you could learn a thing or two from your husband.


7• If you had the chance to be 24 again and get a 'do-over', what would you do differently?
Spend more time taking care of myself … physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. At least I finally figured this out in my late forties … but earlier would have been nice.

8• What's your best piece of life advice that you'd like to share with the blog-world?
Four that go hand-in-hand: 1. Seek God. 2. Pursue everything with passion and intention. 3. Take the discipline / practice of recovery much more seriously … it’s the practice of the peak performers. 4. Never take yourself too seriously ... others don't.

9• Will you share a random fact about yourself that nobody (who reads my blog) would know? Bonus points if it's something that I don't know.
I used to be extremely good at table-top hockey … my buddy and I played with a marble because it was faster action than a puck. I played my early twenties ... and we kept detailed statistics (a precursor to my spreadsheet obsession).


10• What would be your ideal way to spend Father's Day?
Watching the US Open Golf tournament and having burgers and fries. I might even go crazy and have a 2nd beer.

11• Tell me a joke. Not a question, but I am in need of a good laugh!
Since you asked your Mom the same questions on Mothers Day then let me continue with her joke.
“Who’s there?”
You guys are rude - I wanted a joke.

12. Did you even notice that you missed a question?
Dad, I didn't write this question! Now you've ruined #14. Brat.

13• Describe me in 5 words.
Proud makes she Yoda daddy

14• Did you even notice that I skipped #12? I bet you just went back to look...
Nope – already filled it in with my own question

15• Every Friday I link-up with my homegirl, Whitney, for something called #backthatazzupFriday - since you're my guest today, will you please select today's song?
Original theme from Mission Impossible.
Seriously? Dad... nobody dances to the Mission Impossible theme song. You're supposed to pick a song that people can #backthatazzup to...
However, what Princess Peter wants, Princess Peter gets.

Mission Impossible by Mission Impossible Theme on Grooveshark

16• Any final thoughts? Words? Comments? Jokes? Any words of wisdom?
For single men – If you bother to check, they have really interesting stuff going on above their neck. Check it out!
For single women – Seriously, shoes aren’t that important (in the bang-for-the-buck department, they are in the basement).
For married men – You have a choice: you can be happy or you can be right. Choose happy!
For married women – A marriage that’s 50/50 is doomed to fail. What wins is 100/100. Nothing else. Oh … and they do emote … just in very different ways and at very different times.

Gosh I just love him.

Thanks for being such a great sport today, dad. I'm sorry that I'm not with you this weekend to celebrate, but I'm there in spirit. AND, I will see you in ONE MONTH.

For those who aren’t afraid … here are the two talks:




Stephanie said...

I love him! I love that he asked to answer the questions, too cute. He has great answers. Especially his list of best days, so sweet and also hilarious.

Steph G said...

I love that he gets so into it and the face swap picture is killing me.