Friday, June 28, 2013

how to look like a lightweight

They say you surround yourself with similar people. That statement has never been truer.

I was going to share another one of my clumsy stories today, but it turns out that Ashley was having her own special moment on the other side of the country. She texted me this story last night, and I felt like it needed to be shared. Ashley, homegirl, the weekend is here. Calm down. You know what they say...

The Eager Beaver doesn't always get the wood.
Edit: When proof-reading this, I realized how bad this sounded. Oops.


So I just experienced the most amazing burrito at Habenaros in Dartmouth. To my surprise I notice they serve alcohol. This doesn't seem like a restaurant, it's more like a mix of fast food and a restaurant. Regardless, my weekend just started a day early and the Smirnoff Ice chilling in the fridge looked amazing.

Ordered it. Obviously.

As I sat there drinking, I started to wonder if people ever get sloshed at this 'restaurant'. Do they drive home? Will they take your keys from you? Do they even have a liquor license?
I finished my burrito and half of my drink, and got ready to throw out my garbage. I jumped down, off of the massive stool, and TRIPPED on my dumb sandal in the process. I tried to compensate by blaming the chair and pushing it away violently. Which, in hindsight, probably made it look worse than it could have been.
Was I about to have my keys taken away? I panicked. Does everyone think I'm a lightweight?
Obviously I left as quickly as possible. Luckily, I think, no one saw or at least they pretended not to.


Normally whenever I hear a Lady Gaga song, I have a similar reaction to this:

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But Ashley told me yesterday that she had Poker Face stuck in her head, so then it got stuck in MY head. Jerk.
So I guess that's how we're going to #backthatazzup with Whitney right now.

Poker Face by Lady Gaga on Grooveshark


Helene said...

Haha so funny! And that's pretty much the only lady gaga song I like!

Jess Elyse said...

I feel the same way when it comes to Lady Gaga.
Her songs are just catchy. Damn, now they are in my head.

Kaylin said...

I like all Gaga songs, but I can understand why you feel that way.
Love the GIFs

StaceyFacex said...

pahah thats such s good story, I am loving your blog and I will be following you as soon as I stop writing this comment!! Anyways, I am having a giveaway at the moment, I have no idea if you'd be interested but I thought I'd let you know so you could take a look and enter if you wanted :) xx