Friday, June 21, 2013

Everyone forgets their pants atleast once

Well guys, I haven't been around the blog world all week. My bad. Sometimes life just gets in the way, yanno?
Anyway, I'm here now because no matter what happens all week,
I can't miss out on a good 'ol #backthatazzup.. because it's Friday, friends.
You're welcome.

So in celebration of today being Friday, lets take a look back at the thoughts that are on my mind as the week is ending.

    The week started with Father's Day. These are my favorite Father's Day celeb wishes on Instagram:

    philton hduff devin
    Perez Hilton - cutest new dad | Hilary Duff - cutest family | Devin - most adorable picture

    Sometimes I take the most ridiculous pictures. I don't even know. I think next week I need to post of some of my most ridiculous photo booth pictures. Yep, it's happening. Oh, but yeah, sometimes I pretend to eat the moon I guess.


    Lord Disick and I have a lot in common...
    I, too, pack my best wilderness survival kit for my camping excursions.


    If you don't follow me on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook; then you might not be aware of what I did last week.. accidentally. So, this really happened, and I don't even have a legitimate reason or explanation. Let this soak in for a second. I put on socks AND shoes, but neglected to put on pants.
    This is as classy as it gets.


    Amanda and I sat next to the 70-year old versions of ourselves on Wednesday night. It was kind of amazing.


    This is the best video of seen all week. This dog knows how to #backthatazzup, for real.

    Nothing can top that video. Like ever. So I will leave you with this weeks choice. Every time I listen to this song it reminds me of 2010 being the most amazing summer.
    So many good memories from that summer - and I can't help but dance when I hear this song.

    Also, Drake is coming to town in September and we are buying tickets today.
    So. effing. excited.

    I Get Money (Feat. Kevin Cossom) by Drake on Grooveshark


Staci said...

Uhhh yea. The fact that you went outside with no pants on DEFINITELY tops that video.

Helene said...

haha i love when i see myself in the future. those ladies look like they know a thing or two.

also that pic of you is awesome