Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The One Where Christian Has a Birthday

This post is going to be Legend... wait for it...

Happy Birthday, Christian!
(He's 27 years old today)

Happy birthday, Christian. I love you, if you're reading this...
I'm sorry that I'm not home to celebrate with you, so have a drink for me. I'll see you next month, big brother.

So, in honor of Christian's birthday, I've decided to list 27 things that I love about Christian, or why I'm glad I'm glad that he's my brother.
I have no idea how I'm going to write 27 things, wish me luck...

  • One. Like my parents, he loves me unconditionally

  • Two. On our first family trip to Florida, I fell into the swimming pool and he jumped in and saved me.
    I'm alive because of him.

  • Three. In primary, my friend and I 'beat up' a girl in our class - aka - we pushed her in a snow bank because she had a rainbow scrunchie and we were jealous. Christian took the blame so that I wouldn't get in trouble. I still got caught and paid the price, but his effort was noble.

  • Four. A boy in my class threw an ice/snow ball at my head and Christian went after the kid to defend me.

  • Five. He (illegally) helped to teach me how to drive (sorry mom, we were safe).

  • Six. He took me on countless adventures.

  • Seven. After watching Home Alone, we were sure that burglars were going to try and break into our house. We set up booby-traps every night for a month.

  • Eight. He sat with me and let me cry myself to sleep before I moved away for University.

  • Nine. He is the main reason that I have such a dirty/perverted mind.

  • Ten. He introduced me to great music that I grew to love.

  • Eleven. We would sing 'everything' at dinner in order to piss off papa.
    'Christian, can you please pass the salt?' (it would be sung vs. asking).

  • Twelve. He never judges me. If I come to him with a situation, he might laugh about it, but he always has my back.

  • Thirteen. He is, and always will be, one of my best friends.

  • Fourteen. Most of my 'best memories' involve him.

  • Fifteen. He taught me that GI Joes are better than Barbie.

  • Sixteen. He took me to get my first tattoo.

  • Seventeen. His sense of humor is amazing. He can always make me laugh.

  • Eighteen. We, obviously, were raised the exact same way, so we often think the same way.

  • Nineteen. He taught me how to chug like a champ and win every chugging competition
    (sorry again, mom).

  • Twenty. We grew up dreaming of opening a restaurant together at some point in our lives.

  • Twenty-One. He's currently following his dreams and doing something that he loves, and I couldn't be more proud of him.

  • Twenty-Two. He can invent the most amazing food concoctions. My inner and outer fat-girl loves this so much.

  • Twenty-Three. I know, without a doubt, that he will be the best uncle to my kids... if I have kids.

  • Twenty-Four. He's the reason for my appreciate of nice cars.

  • Twenty-Five. He is in a relationship with an amazing girl who I'm proud to call one of my best friends.

  • Twenty-Six. He's the reason that I love GhostBusters, Superman, and any action movie.

  • Twenty-Seven. I know that he probably won't read this, so at least he's not going to think I'm crazy.

Faith: I love you, man.
Christian: I love you, too, bud.
Faith: I love you, Bro Montana.
Christian: I love you, holmes.
Faith: I love you, Broseph Goebbels.
Christian: I love you, muchacha.
Faith: I love you, Tycho Brohe.

Christian, something that I learned from doing this post is that we need to take new pictures together. I have so many old ones, and they're terrible. Lets fix this when I'm home in July, okay? Okay. Happy Birthday once more.


dary... this post was Legendary.


Rachel said...

Yay Ghostbusters! Yay for a dirty mind! Haha... happy birthday!

Cortney said...

This is so cute! Happy birthday Christian! Idk him but I like a good birthday.