Tuesday, June 18, 2013

5 Tips For Surviving A Tea Party


As I mentioned in yesterday's Weekend Recap, I attended a Tea Party (BC Cancer Fundraiser) with some fabulous friends, and fabulous hats (thanks to Goorin for supplying the hats). My title is a little deceiving. These aren't real tips fur 'surviving' a tea party, these are just 5 amazing things that happened during our tea party. We seriously had a blast.

I couldn't have taken a blurrier picture if I tried. My bad.

  • One. Fall out of a hammock.
  • Obviously you won't all have your own 'Amanda', and honestly.. this kind of disaster is usually my job. However, Amanda graciously sat on a hammock, flipped backwards (causing the entire hammock to spin around) and she landed flat on her back. In case you're looking for a visual, Amanda was wearing a pretty (and short) dress. So yes, the entire tea party was flashed. Steven and I were laughing so hard - we couldn't help her up, or even ask if she was okay.
    We're classy like that.

  • Two. Make lemonade with hose water.
  • I wish this one was a joke... but this is as real as it gets, friends. During this tea party I downed 3 cups of the most delicious lemonade I had ever tasted. Steven and Amanda consumed just as much of this delicious lemonade. It was delicious, and we're pigs - don't judge us. Nearing the end of our stay at the tea party, we noticed that the huge container of lemonade was almost empty. We watched in complete horror as one of the 'waiters' dumped three heaping scoops of sugar/powder into the container, and then filled the entire thing with the hose. We instantly started laughing, and Amanda literally poured the rest of her lemonade onto the grass. We'll stick with tea, thanks.

  • Three. Thank your sponsors.
  • Proof-reading is important. I simply cannot stress this enough. Steven caught this gem, and Amanda wrote it down:

    The fundraiser could have happened without you. We could not do it with our sponsors.

    Thanks for saying the fundraiser could've happened without me... I'm glad you appreciate that I attended the function. Also, I'm sure the sponsors are pleased to know that this event could've happened without their support.

    Hats aren't mandatory - but I feel like they're necessary for a successful tea party.

  • Four. Leave origami to the professionals.
  • Have you ever tried origami? If you haven't - don't even bother. They make you believe that you can turn a square piece of paper into a penguin, eagle, or an elephant. I can tell you for certain that this isn't possible if you're white. Okay, okay, I'm just kidding - I didn't mean to be racist. But seriously, we could NOT complete our animals if our lives depended on it. We neatly packed up the attempted arts and crafts and went back to drinking and taking pictures.


  • Five. Ryan Reynolds makes everything better.
  • What on earth does Ryan Reynolds have to do with this tea party? Well... he made an appearance, and I have proof:


Side-Note: if you don't have a successful tea party (or even if you do) then you must end the afternoon by having drinks with friends on a patio... in the sunshine. Honestly, it just makes life better. If you say that this isn't true, then you're full of lies.

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haha! loved this SO much. made me chuckle :)