Monday, November 25, 2013

There's no quirky title for this post

Hi lovelies, happy Monday!

I don't have anything truly exciting to report from this past weekend - mainly because I forgot to take pictures when I wasn't at home. It was full of typical weekend shenanigans of seeing friends, running errands, food prepping, workouts, etc. Here are the only pictures I managed to take:

one. Friday night work-out.
two. Saturday morning work-out.
three. Sunday morning work-out.
four. Amanda and I looked at some Christmas lights.
five. Pre-Saturday work-out.
six. You need a SB holiday beverage when looking at Christmas lights, duh...
seven. FaceTime with my brother.
eight. I love when Roscoe wears his jacket.
nine. I accidentally broke my Otter Box in half. Sad face.

Literally these are the only pictures that I took this weekend - sometimes I just forget to take my phone out when I'm with friends. Oh, but another highlight was seeing Catching Fire on Friday night - it was amazing.

Linking up with Sami today.

See you all tomorrow.


Amanda - Voyage of the MeeMee said...

Roscoe is such a stud in his coat! :P I thought Otter Boxes were supposed to be indestructible!

Kathy @ Vodka and Soda said...

i'n the same too - totally forgot to take pictures on the weekend and when i do remember, half the food is eaten, everyone has left and then it's just me and nobody wants to see endless selfies.

roscoe is so adorable!!!

Vodka and Soda

Allie @ Tales of a TwentySomething said...

well I really wanted a quirky title, so now my life can't be happy...

Tracey said...

What did you order at Starbucks? I'm trying to decode the Starbucks lingo!

Sami said...

I love that you don't take your phone out when you hangout with friends. I sometimes think I should do that because then I won't be Instagramming the whole time ;) I did think about texting you several times this weekend and I wish I would have :)

Victoria said...

nice weekend! starbucks is always good :)

Rachael @ Pretty in Pink said...

I think we need to Facetime sometime soon :)