Monday, November 11, 2013

Oh you know, just some shenanigans

It's Monday! Which means it's time to link up with the fabulous Sami for some weekend shenanigans.

Technically today isn't a real/usual 'Monday' to me, because it's a stat holiday and I don't have to work... so I'm probably still sleeping right now. Thank goodness for being able to schedule posts.

one. Selfie, as usual.
two. Delicious, delicious, delicious.
three. I destroyed this bottle of wine. By myself.
four. My dog thinks that he's a "lap-dog". It's cute.
five. I think fall is officially coming to an end. View on Saturday's run in my neighborhood.
six. The greatest homemade sandwich I've ever seen. No, I didn't eat this. But I wanted to.
seven. Sunday Funday workout.
eight. This is why Amanda isn't allowed to bake... she struggles. Notice her phone under all that flour.
nine. Pumpkin protein pancake with natural peanut butter, raspberries, and bananas. YUM.

On Saturday, I went thrift shopping with my friends - Amanda and Alex. One of the stores that we went to was an amazing vintage boutique clothing store. This woman had SO MANY one of a kind articles of clothing and we were in awe. She made us try on so many different things for her - just for fun. We spent probably an hour or an hour and a half in this one store just to entertain her and her sales associate. The two of them sat on the couch in the changing area, ate their dinner and watched us play dress up. She kept telling us that we were giving her 'dinner and a show'... it was a hilarious experience to say the least. I made a collage of my favorite outfits that I tried on...

Today is Remembrance Day, which is a day where we take time to remember those who have fought for our country. Please take a moment to remember them today, and give a moment of silence on their behalf.


The Pink Growl said...

You are so pretty! Love your Sunday Funday workout - do you do that at home or at a gym?

Nichole said...

Hahah, I am the worst baker too!

Allie @ Tales of a TwentySomething said...

So is your Remembrance Day always the same day as our Veteran's Day? Yet you have a different day for Thanksgiving in an entirely different month?? And remind me about Christmas again... sorry I just need to know EVERYTHING about Canadia.

Sami said...

You have the day off today?! That is not even a little bit fair. I want to drink all the wine with you.. and eat that sandwich too. I loved your thrift store purchases and when I read that part about it I had thrift shop playing in my head HAHA.

Amanda - Voyage of the MeeMee said...

Bahaha... love your thrift store finds! :P Those bananas and raspberries look SO GOOD right now!

Kathy @ Vodka and Soda said...

i write down my workouts too! helps keep me on track every day :)

Vodka and Soda

Kristine said...

Love that you write down your workouts... I keep a journal that is attached to me at the gym so I can keep track of what I've done and the progress I'm making!
P.S. love thrift shopping! So much fun! ♥

Andrew said...

The coat (cloak? - not good with fashion) in Thrift Shop Picture #6 looks like something Professor McGonagall would wear!

Donna said...

Clicked on your blog from Sami's link up and was super excited and pleasantly surprised I'd found another Canadian! Following along via Bloglovin and can't wait to read more of your writing!