Monday, November 11, 2013

Sparkle Louder with Hpnotiq for a chance to WIN WIN WIN

Hi friends, I have something really exciting to share with all of you today!
I hope you don't already have plans for New Year's Eve, and if you do - you might need to cancel them. There is an AMAZING contest going on right now which gives you a chance to win a trip for you and THREE of your girlfriends to go to New York City!! Um, HELLO - who wouldn't want to win this contest?

I did my own Sparkle Louder picture to show you how easy it is. I'm kind of obsessed with the sparkles.

To enter the contest, just go to the Hpnotiq contest page and follow the easy steps to create your own Sparkle Louder picture (using their app) just like the one I made, above. Upload a picture - from your computer, facebook, or instagram - and add as much sparkle as your little heart desires. Fill in all of your details, and just like that - you're done. Easy, right?

You can't really tell in the picture above (because it's black and white), but I'm wearing my favorite pair of pants - they're mint green and fabulous. Despite the fact that mint green isn't entirely appropriate as a winter color, I'll be wearing these pants on New Year's Eve because they add that perfect amount of pizzazz to my outfit, and it's how I'll Sparkle Louder! I'm a big fan of wearing fitted jeans and a cute top, especially a sparkly top - which is exactly what I'd wear if I won this trip! Even though I won't be watching the ball drop in New York this NYE, I will definitely be having a party with lots of Hpnotiq cocktails.

As much as we would all love to win the fabulous Grand Prize trip to NYC, there can only be one winner (plus her girlfriends, duh). BUT! But, but, but! Don't worry! You can still win one of Hpnotiq's other amazing prizes, they're giving away 20 Effy Diamond and Blue Topaz rings - 4 sweepstakes prizes are given away each week!
Oh, and remember that when you're sharing your sparkling images on social media (twitter, instagram, etc), be sure to use the hashtag #SparkleLouder!

I'm a little, okay, a lot jealous of whoever wins this Hpnotiq's contest, because I would LOVE to ring in the New Year with my favorite girls in NYC. It's basically like your own version of Sex and the City. Why are you still reading this post? Go enter, now!

Contest runs from November 4th - December 8th, 2013.

Just remember that you have to be of legal drinking age to be eligible to win this fabulous prize.

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Emily said...

I entered! New York city is just amazing and going for NYE with some girlfriends (for free) would be a dream come true!