Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Outfit Versatility

Happy Tuesday!

One thing that I like to do (as often as possible) is wear an outfit that is versatile. Versatility is probably my favorite quality that I look for when purchasing new clothes... second only to comfort.

Yesterday I wore an outfit that worked perfectly for this whole 'versatility' thing that I'm talking about, so I thought that I'd show you:

Exhibit A: Work Outfit

I wore a navy blue lace shirt, with a white tank top and grey dress pants. Accessories - scarf and earrings.

Amanda and I had plans to go out last night, almost as soon as we got home from work, so here was my outfit for the night..

Exhibit B: Out with friends outfit

I kept the navy blue lace shirt and white tank top. I swapped out my grey dress pants for black jeans, I threw my hair up and put on some bangles & a watch - BAM, I'm ready to head out with some friends.

This might not be the BEST example of what I mean, but that's okay... you get my point.

Versatility is key.

That's all I've got today, sorry for the lame post. I'll try and have something super excitingawesomeOMGZfabulous for you all tomorrow...until then, stay classy.


Helene said...

hey, i get it. i get it. but i am also lazy so i just don't like to change clothes- also versatile?!

Faith Bowyer said...

Well that works too, haha!