Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Hot Burners and Smart Cars

Hey Faith-ful followers! (see what I did there?)

Amanda here from The PR Life! Lucky for you all, I am Faith's best friend and roommate, which makes it easy for me to influence a guest post :)

After Faith's ridiculous post yesterday regarding getting realllllly ugly upon walking in the door - which I too, am guilty of - I knew the story I'm about to share with you had to be posted on her blog.

This morning I skipped my 4:30 gym wake up call (I really need to get to bed earlier tonight!) so I could sleep in - and sleep in I did! When I finally rolled out of bed at 6:30 I rushed to get ready, do my hair, cook some eggs for breakfast - it's the most important meal of the day after all - pack my lunch and get out the door in 30 minutes so I could catch the early bus to work.

All was well as I grabbed my umbrella and locked the door behind me at 7:03. As I rushed out the side door to the bus stop I smelled something from the neighbour's house that was kind of a mix of pancakes and burnt toast... which instantly triggered the question "did I turn the stove off?"

I don't know about you - but when I get a thought in my head that I can't confirm I know to be true... and especially those questions that have to do with burning your house down - I can't get them out of my head.

I said to myself "Amanda, don't be so foolish - you always turn the stove off - it's off!" So I kept walking and rushed to the bus stop just in time to catch the bus and hopped on. Any other day this would have been amazing! Like a high-five the bus driver kinda moment.... errr okay maybe not that far, it was 7am after all.

So I sat down on the bus while my subconscious (the devil if you will) kept throwing this in my face:

While my rational side (the cute little angel) kept reassuring me with flashes of this visual:

I tried to push the fear of burning my house down to the back of my mind while the bus sauntered across the bridge into downtown. I mean obviously I turned it off because I always do. And I even washed the dishes and cleaned up before I left… but I still wasn’t convinced that I turned to stove off.

So at 7:25 I got off the bus at Robson and Hamilton – grabbed the nearest car2go (see below for visual) - and rushed home in rush hour to open the door at 7:42 to see yup, stove was off.

The angel sat on my shoulder with a smug grin on her face saying "told you so!"

Since I was home I hopped in my car (might as well pay for parking and have my car after work now versus paying for a car2go to take me back downtown).

Once I pulled into the parkade, I rushed up to my office and got to work at exactly 7:58.

Yup, allllllll of that can be done in 35 minutes.

Lesson of the day: Trust your gut instinct and don't worry so much. Oh, and check the stove twice three times before leaving the house next time.



Helene said...

oh i hate that. i had to do that a few months ago because i thought i left the oven on. nope.
Helene in Between

Faith Bowyer said...

It's such an unsettling feeling! Glad we all just worry for no reason without actually having unfortunate situations.