Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Labour Day Shenanigans

Happy Tuesday my loves.
You all must be excited to be heading back to work after a nice 3-day long weekend, right? Okay obviously not.

I had a lovely weekend spent relaxing (which was SO necessary), and hanging out with friends. Obviously I'll be linking up with my love Sami today. Here's a glance at what my weekend looked like.

One. Went to the night market on Friday. Such a pretty view from the pier.
Two. They're among us.
Three. I might have stayed up until 6:00am on Friday night - selfie at 4:00am.
Four. Selfie before dinner with friends.
Five. Champagne wishes.
Six. 'Dark Table' - a restaurant where you eat in 100% darkness. Interesting experience, but lots of fun with a group of friends.
Seven. Planning workouts for my 90-Day Challenge.
Eight. Amanda and I tried to take a 'family portrait'. This is the best we could get.
Nine. My favourite brunch. Scrambled eggs, avocado, salsa, hummus, sriracha, lean ground turkey, and turkey bacon.

Overall, I had a great weekend. I had some interesting experiences on Chat Roulette this weekend. I'm pretty sure that'll have to be a blog post at some point this week. I had never really used the site before, I had gone on it once or twice with friends - but I wasn't interested in it. For some reason, I'm going to blame the lethal combination of insomnia and boredom, I thought it was a good idea to play on Chat Roulette. Anyway, like I said, this will be a blog post later in the week for sure. Ha.

Hope everyone has a great first day back to work after the long weekend.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you had a great weekend. I'm definitely NOT ready to be back at work.

Allie @ Tales of a TwentySomething said...

The whole eating in the dark thing FREAKS me out. Like what if a server wanted to steal your food? Cause don't they wear like night vision goggles or something?

Robin M said...

I'm thinking of getting this couch to 5k app. It seems like it is working awesome for ya!! And I wanna to lose weight also. You are so inspireing :D!!!

Britt said...

Tuesday came WAAAAY too quick, but it is nice being at work since I made sure not to schedule anything too labor-intensive on the first day back :)
Britt @ One&20

Sami said...

I'm still confused about eating in the dark.. you can still talk right? Do you know what you're eating? I guess I'll try that when I come visit you :)

Jay T said...

That eating in the dark thing is still so weird to me! How do you know if there's a hair in your food?? How do you know what to order???? HOW DO YOU KNOW IF YOU HAVE FOOD IN YOUR TEETH?

Elle Vee said...

How on earth do you eat in 100% darkness??