Friday, February 22, 2013

Well, it's Friday

I have failed at blogging this week, and for that - I am sorry.
I planned on doing my Erin Condren Life Planner review this week... but didn't finish it. I have a draft sitting in my post section that I'll get to some time next week I'm sure. Also... I didn't blog on Wednesday or Thursday - oops! I didn't mean to skip out on all of you lovely people, I just somehow got distracted by life... or something.



I'm clumsy, but of course you all know this by now - especially since this happened. I'm sorry to say this friends, but I don't currently have another bus story for you right now. But I'll see what awkward situations I can get myself into sometime soon... wait that's a lie!
I just remembered that I had a slight bus incident this week!
On Wednesday, on the bus obviously, I was stuck standing near the back. The bus was crowded - like 80 people, I swear. I was texting a friend with one hand, and holding my lunch-bag/purse with my other hand. No hand holding onto the pole because I'm feeling like a boss that day and the driver is pretty good.
Then it happens: the bus driver has to slam on his breaks and TURN A CORNER. At first, I stumbled a bit - but then as we're turning the corner I fall backwards and reach out to grab a hold of the pole. Don't worry guys - I was able to grab the pole, but somehow I managed to swing my lunch bag (that was carrying two Glass containers from Tuesday & Wednesday's lunches). The lunch bag had a mind of it's own, I swear - so the bag swings, hits the guy beside me (oops) then proceeds to hit the man sitting in the seat in front of me. I missed his face by about 6 inches. A Subway sub. I missed his face by only a Subway Sub.
Both of the guys look at me, I apologize, laugh it off, crawl in a hole and die and ride the rest of the way home with poise, dignity, and grace... without falling on anyone else. But I definitely stumbled once or twice. Clearly, I shouldn't stand on the bus.

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Anyway, the whole point of this clumsy-talk was to discuss the amount of bruises that I get on my legs. I will swear up and down that I didn't hurt myself! I can't understand where that bruise of the day came from - but usually if I think about it, I'll remember.
Perhaps it was the the door I walked into, the step that I tripped up, or the table that I walked into.

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Last night, I really hurt my knee on our coffee table. I was walking - pantless, oh come on people... I was home alone. Anyway, I walk pantless from the washroom, to the kitchen (walking through the living room) to grab pants from the dryer, while I'm brushing my teeth. Now, this is probably where I went wrong. I shouldn't be doing this many things at one time. Walking is a feat all on it's own - throw in brushing my teeth and putting on pants at the same time? Disaster.

Clearly, my peripheral vision was a bit off last night (ha! pun intended), and I smashed my shin on the corner of the coffee table. I scream, spit toothpaste all over my clean shirt, and hobble back to the washroom. I finish brushing my teeth while cursing the awful pain in my leg, and my newly stained shirt. I go back to my bedroom, grab a tissue and start to pour some water from my 'leak-proof' water bottle onto it so I can dab it on my shirt. Well, my leak-proof water bottle spilled all over me, my shirt, my newly put on pants... and my keyboard. WTF, right? Luckily, my keyboard is somehow waterproof and it is 10000% fine.
I stand up - 'brush' all of the water of my clothes, dab the stain off my shirt (since I have a sufficient amount of water to soak up the toothpaste), and sit back down.
This is the point in the story where I should have something quirky to say, and share what lesson I learned in this process - but I've got nothing. Absolutely nothing. I'm clumsy, and I know it - I might as well embrace it.

That was my Thursday evening, and let me just say

I'll try not to fall on the bus, hit anyone with my lunch bag, or smash my knee on the table. I can't promise that I won't trip over the 'step' into the elevator (like I did on Tuesday), or walk into my desk (like I did on Monday), or shut the washroom door on my hand.. which I've obviously never done. I promise to try and be careful, but chances are - I'll have some kind of ridiculous story for you next week.

Happy Weekend, friends.


Helene said...

that is so something i would do, i feel you I am so freaking clumsy.

Staci said...

I always have mysterious bruises all over my body. I think Taylor punches me while I sleep. Also, that bus story made my life.