Friday, February 1, 2013

First: February Friday Fabulousness

Happy February, friends.
That title probably couldn't get any more ridiculous, right? Sorry about that. Moving on...

I've decided to write a few things about my week that were fabulous {hence the 'Friday fabulousness'}.

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This is the kind of mood that I'm in today.

  • On Monday I got a nasty cold (not so fabulous) and I was stuck at home, sick. After napping for a few hours in the morning, I woke up to said text from my boss:

Side note: he's not stored in my phone as 'Boss', I only changed it for this picture.

Typical me, I instantly think I've done something wrong. He knows that I'm at home sick, what would he need to talk to me about? Why do I need to call him? If I wasn't in trouble, he would ask me via text... right... RIGHT? WRONG.
I actually couldn't have been more wrong - HA! When I called him this is basically how the conversation went:

Hey Faith, how are you feeling?

*Croaks* Oh, I'm good.

Uhhh, you don't sound very good... anyway, I won't keep you on the phone. I just wanted to give you a bit of good news while you're sick.

*perks up* Oh! Okay, what's up?

We'd like to offer you a promotion! It was approved this morning, it is effective February 1st and I wanted to let you know right away.

Uhhhh... are you sure? Seriously?

Mike: *laughs* Yes, I'm sure.

Cue a brief discussion about my new role, we exchange our goodbyes and I assure him that I'll be at the office the next day. Then, this is basically what I did for about five whole minutes:

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So, despite the fact that I was sick - Monday was pretty fabulous.

  • Wednesday night I had a much needed catch up session with one of my best friends who lives far away. It was therapeutic, good for the soul, and fabulous.

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    This is an accurate depiction of our friendship

  • This week, my colleague Laura {who I photographed Here}, stopped by the office with her gorgeous baby girl {who I photographed at Christmas - session coming soon}. Unfortunately, I was too sick to get close to Laura and Brynn, but I oohed and aww'ed from afar. I've never been a huge baby person, but Brynn is just so cute... she might be my favourite baby.

  • This is my colleague, Janet, snuggling with Brynn. Too freakin' cute

  • I passed 3,000 hits on my blog this week. I know that's not a huge deal for a lot of you bloggers - but considering this blog is only two months old today, and I only have 20 GFC followers, I'm pretty happy with that number. Heck, it's fabulous even.

  • Today I'm only working a 1/2 day. That means I start at 7:30am and I'm off at 11:15am. That's pretty fabulous if I do say so, myself.

That all I've got lovelies. I hope that you all had a fabulous week and have an even more fabulous weekend. See you on Monday!

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Murdock's mama said...

HI Faith

Thanks for finding me! Sorry it took me so long...I'm traveling for work :(

Congrats on your awesome news!! Hope you feel better soon!