Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Oh, Monday

Happy Tuesday, lovelies.

So yesterday was Monday... and let me tell you right now that it was definitely a Monday.
A big, fat, sucky, Monday. But I'm over it, I'll get over it.

Basically anything and everything that could go wrong, went wrong. I didn't sleep because our landlord (and wife) are in Hawaii for two weeks and their 19 year old daughter is home alone. She had friends over last night, and lets just say that their party-for-two didn't end until 1:00am(ish). So when my alarm went off at 5:36 (I like weird alarm times) - I was a little out of it. My day, unfortunately, started on the wrong side of the bed. Rude.

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Anyway, like I said - it was one of those days. I discovered a huge mistake that I made last week at work, and spent the day worrying about it... fun stuff. Well at about 10:00am I discovered that one of my cute pearl earrings was missing. I got really sad, but then found it in my scarf about 15 minutes later. Scarves definitely come in handy. When I found my earring, I kind of did a little happy dance:

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You all know I like to dance whenever I can

So I find my earring, and start the pursuit of the back for the earring. After an unsuccessful search for the back of my earring, I gave up. Most people would probably take the other earring out and put them away... not me. I liked the cute earrings, they completed my simple outfit.

Look at how genuinely excited I am to have my earring back

So I needed a quick fix. When you're sitting in an office and don't have much to work with, you try and make do. It was either tape, or glue. So tape it was. I wrapped a completely non ghetto piece of tape around the back of the earring so it wouldn't fall off.

This picture in the mirror is probably definitely the most awkward picture I've ever taken. I have no words - oops? You can basically see the tape behind my ear - I mean you can't 'really' see it, but for my sake - pretend that you can.

Guys, I'm going to be honest and tell you that I don't even remember what the point of this post was.
I think it was something like:
sometimes we all just have days where we need to put tape on our ears for the sake of beauty, and that's okay.
Don't hate, don't judge.
Oh, and sorry I'm not sorry that I had tape stuck to my ear for 8+ hours and I'm not embarrassed to publicly admit it.

Tomorrow is hump day - things can only look up from here, kids.

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Sam said...

Mondays really are the worst.

Once I lost the back of my earrings while I was at school and instead of taking them off I took the eraser out of my pencil and use it as a earring backing LOL. Us girls always get crafty when it comes to beauty.