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Today I've got another 'Retirement Ramblings' post for you from my dad, Peter.

No, not about Kourtney & Kim in Miami.


In 1993 our family went on a trip of a lifetime. I was given approval to go to Miami for 2-weeks of training at the US National Hurricane Center. It didn't take long for the family to decide that we'd make this the vacation to end all vacations. We tacked on an additional week to spend in Orlando and do the theme-park thing (Disney - Universal Studios - you name it).

For a couple of months all we talked about was our upcoming trip to Disneyworld and Miami. The anticipation was delicious. My Mom also joined us on that historic trip … we made a deal with her that we would pay for her to come with us if she would look after both kids on 3 or 4 of the evenings over the 3+ weeks so that Deb and I could go out for date-nights. Faith was 4 years old at the time and her brother, Christian, was 6. We drove down from Halifax, through the storm of the century (look it up if you don't believe it … the March '93 Superstorm is actually categorized by North American meteorologists as the real "storm of the century.") Needless to say we were idiots to drive through that weather, but hey, we weren't going to pass up a chance to go to Florida when my office was paying for the travel.

For 2 months we talked about the trip. Disney and Miami - Disney and Miami - that's all we talked about. On the 3-4 day drive through the storm and all the way down I-95, all we talked about was Disney and Miami - Disney and Miami. We were as excited as the kids were.

Toward the end of our Disney week Faith and Granny were talking about the rest of the week and the 2 weeks that would follow. My Mom said something along the lines, "It will be even hotter in Miami." To which Faith responded …. "Granny, how long until we go to YOUR-ami!"

This is one of those cute family stories we still cherish (right up there with Faith's reaction to meeting Minnie Mouse that same week - which is a story for another day).


I will leave you with one last gem... My brother and I holding parrots. Oh yes.

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