Monday, December 29, 2014

Oh So Fortunate

Happy Holidays, everyone.

I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas (and Boxing Day to my fellow Canadians). This was my first Christmas spent in Vancouver, away from my family and friends back home, and Justin made sure it was amazing so I wasn't too sad. He wins boyfriend points for this.

I'm not here to ramble about Christmas today though. I'm here to link-up with Juliette and Amber. These girls are hosting a link-up to play fortune teller for the day and make some predictions on what we think 2015 might bring. 2014 was pretty darn good to me - but I'll do a recap of that later this week. So, in point form, here's what I think will have happened by Christmas 2015.

By Christmas 2015, I will...
  • ... be engaged and planning my wedding 
  • (... or Justin and I will have eloped)
  • ... be back on track and working hard towards my goal weight and won't get side-tracked like I did this year
  • ... have almost all of my debt paid off (I have a plan that shows my debt will be paid in full by Jan. 2016)
  • ... be happy with my savings account
  • ... continue to 'get uncomfortable' and take chances
  • ... visit home at least once, ideally twice
  • ... take a vacation with Justin where it's JUST the two of us
  • ... HAVE A PUPPY (okay, this isn't realistic, but a girl can DREAM)
  • ... get a new tattoo.. or two
  • ... relaunch my photography business
  • ... visit JULIETTE
Okay, I think that's enough day dreaming about what 2015 will look like.


Amber Thomas said...

ELOPE. ELOPE. ELOPE. Weddings are fun, I enjoyed ours, but there were so many times that we looked at each other through the stress and wondered why we didn't just say, WE'RE GETTING MARRIED IN HAWAII SEE YOU THERE OR WE WON'T.

TATTOOS. Stop you're making me jealous already.

And yes, visit Juliette so I can come up and say hi for a day and drink ninja mimosas with you two.

Jay T said...

Obviously the last goal is the best.


Also please tattoo my name on your chest.

Elizabeth McMullen said...

Beardy Heart Beauty

Rachel said...

Elope, sister...elope. Weddings are fabulous and all, but my gosh, elope! And amen to the losing weight and staying on track--that's one of my biggest goals too. "Getting uncomfortable" is one of my others...all the good in life happens just outside our comfort zone! Happy 2015, friend!

Kenzie Smith said...

Those are all really great predictions! I plan on doing a lot of wedding planning in 2015 and I am overwhelmed just thinking about it ha ha. My fingers are crossed that you can get a puppy even if it isn't realistic :D

Areeba said...

A PUPPY! Go for it! And happy new year!!