Monday, March 17, 2014

Kiss Me, I'm Not Even Irish

Happy Happy Happy Monday blog land.
and Happy St. Patrick's Day to those of you who are Irish to everyone who enjoys green beer.

Now unfortunately, this lovely little drinking holiday falls on a Monday this year, so most likely none of you are out getting drunk... and I'm kind of sorry for that. Only a little sorry because I know that everyone (besides me) still partied hard this past weekend.

I had some big plans to drink with 50 of my closest colleagues at a Pub Trivia Night with my office people on Friday night and an old school Kegger with some friends on Saturday night... and while I'd like to report that I did these magnificent things, and that the reason that I'm absolutely exhausted today is because of it... I can't. My weekend was spent huddled up in my apartment, because of two little words: food poisoning.

I'm not going to be a little Debbie Downer in blogland today and tell you all how my weekend was spent forcing myself to drink water and eat saltine crackers, and having my boyfriend rub my back and snuggle me was the only way I was able to fall asleep on Saturday. Wait, I did just play the Debbie Downer card and tell you that.. oops. Anyway, the point is that there's absolutely no point to this post, but it's St Patty's Day, I'm back to blogging, and I'm hopefully back to being healthy again.

I hope you kids all had a wild weekend - I got a ton of snap chats proving that a few of you sure had some fun this weekend and I'm looking forward to some of these posts today. So happy Monday! If you're not stuck in the office today - please drink a pint of green beer for me.


Jay T said...

Beer is gross, green beer is grosser. I love it any time you mention your boyfriend and I'm glad you're back to blogging and you're not puking your guts out anymore.

Allie @ Tales of a TwentySomething said...

ditto to Juliette's comment. Points for originality over here!

The Rachael Way said...

Oh no! I'm glad you're feeling better! xo