Tuesday, March 11, 2014

I accidentally quit blogging

Oh hi there, little blog of mine.

Every time I sit down to write on here lately it quickly turns into an apology post because I've gone a long period of time without posting anything - which if you're new/old to these parts... I haven't written anything in about 2.5 weeks. Ahhh. I swear I have excuses, which I'm sure mean nothing to any of you, so I won't even go there... but they are legit.

Anyway. Juliette and Allie-Boo have both been hounding me to get my booty in gear and post something... and since I FINALLY have internet back in my life, I thought I should do just that. So here I am. And this is officially the longest start to a post about nothing, ever.
Ramble, ramble, ramble, ramble, ramble, yeah...

So I accidentally quit blogging for a little bit, and a few momentous things occurred so I'm just going to go ahead and fill you in on some of these things.

My roommate (Amanda) and I moved on March 1st. This was super random, and not planned, and happened VERY quickly. Just less than two weeks from the time we look at the place, to applying, signing the lease, giving notice at our old place, and actually moving out. This was one of my main reasons for abandoning my little blog. Our new place is downtown, it's got hardwood floors throughout the entire apartment, exposed brick in every room, and it's in an heritage building and it just makes my heart SO happy.

First photo-booth selfie in my new bedroom, about an hour after moving the last of our stuff into the place.
...and then took another selfie once I started unpacking... and drinking.

As of yesterday, we FINALLY have internet in our new humble abode, and I cannot even tell you how amazing this is. I thought that being without internet for a day (or NINE in our case) wouldn't be so bad, but let me just tell you.. it's awful. We're not huge TV watchers, so we weren't super rushed about getting our cable set-up, but then we realized that we didn't have internet either... so no cable, and no internet left us with a week of sheer boredom a lot of working out.

Speaking of working out, and the new apartment... my new running route is absolutely breathtaking. If you follow me on instagram then you may have seen a few of my posts throughout the past few days. I have finally (somewhat) gotten over my fear of running in public/around people, and I've started training and doing intervals along the seawall through Stanley Park and along the waterfront in Coal Harbour. My opinion may be bias, but I truly think I have the most beautiful running route in all of Canada:

Soooo, I'll do a whole separate blog post on this soon, I promise... but another thing that has been keeping me busy lately is dating. Lots of dates actually. With one specific boy. Who may or may not be considered my boyfriend... it's facebook official and everything, so that makes it legit - right? I'm so vague, I know. But I promise that he's cute, he's nice, and MOST IMPORTANTLY he's definitely NOT a douchebag.

Annnd you're all basically caught up on the important details of my life for now - and I'll try and keep up this whole posting thing.
"try" being the key word here.


Jay T said...

I love your beer selfie and I want to live in an apartment that has exposed brick in every room! BOYFRIEND BOYFRIEND BOYFRIEND BOYFRIENDDDD!!

The Pink Growl said...

Those pictures are gorgeous!!!!

Whitney Alison said...

These are important little details!!! I've missed your face in blog land and can't wait to hear more!

Becca @ Becoming Adorrable said...

That apartment sounds awesome!

Allie @ Tales of a TwentySomething said...

Whew. I almost thought you were going to leave out the boyfriend word and I was about to go all Sassy/Allison on you. However, can I come live in your room? I like the brick.

Tina Goodthing said...

Welcome back, missed ya!

Christina said...

I went to Vancouver in December and spent so much time in Stanley Park. It's so pretty! I'm jealous that you have that right outside your door.

Amy @ Living n Learning said...

Your new apartment looks gorgeous from the selfies you've posted. And oh my gosh! Those pictures from your new running route make me jealous! How beautiful!