Monday, March 24, 2014

I miss weekend shenanigans

I'm getting around to posting this at noon.. better late than never, right?

I miss having my 'weekend shenanigans' post to link up with my love, Sami every Monday. It's been a while since I've done a weekend update of sorts, but I'm going to kinda do a Shenanigans type post today. Leeeggo (Yeah, I just said that...)

Friday was spent at a pub, drinking with colleagues friends (and my boyfriend) until the early hours of Saturday morning. It's always fun to spend some time outside of the office with your colleagues (the good ones) to let loose, have some drinks, and share inappropriate stories.

Saturday was spent binge watching Revenge - if you haven't watched this show, or if you're not currently watching it please start watching it RIGHT NOW. It is SUCH a good show. Seriously.
Anyway, after the hours little bit of time that I spent laying in bed watching Revenge, I actually got my butt in gear and food prepped for the week. My lunches for the first few days of the week are these heavenly little gems:

I spent Saturday night and all day Sunday looking after this little guy, and just being lazy. Apart from taking him for a few walks, going to the grocery store, and cooking a few meals - Sunday was prettttty low maintenance, and all about the movies and cuddling.

I was the only one who could stay awake...

Annnnnd that's about it for my weekend.


Kristin O said...

I miss weekend Shenanigans, too!! Tell her to get that thang started again! Even though I never get around to doing a good Weekend post. haha.

The Rachael Way said...

THAT BOY <3 <3
I have a weekly wrap up linkup you're more than welcome to join in on!

allieology said...

OMG. I die that you are BOTH wearing plaid. #matching

Kym @ Travel Babbles said...

iiiiiiiii think we should talk her into hosting it once a month ;)

Are those stuffed sweet potatoes? What's in them?!